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Free Kannabia Seeds

Kannabia Seeds is one of the original Spanish cannabis seed banks, and still one of the best.Like many other top performing Seed producers Kannabia don’t sit back and revel in their previous glory, they continue to improve, producing new cannabis seeds as well as updating old favorites.

As their breeding techniques have improved, they haven’t just used new strains and genetics to create new varieties. They have also improved and stabilized many of their past classics, which can still hold their own against the most innovative new Cannabis seeds currently available.

But that doesn’t mean Kannabia aren’t looking forward, their catologue of high quality cannabis seeds available for sale to the public keeps expanding.

You can now buy Kannabia seeds online in packs of 1, 5 and 10 or enjoy a mixed pack of your favorite varieties in either 6 or 9 seed sizes. Each pack comes with the Original Sensible Seed Company’s price guarantee, so that you can always be sure you are buying the highest quality Kannabia Cannabis seeds at the cheapest possible price.

Take advantage of the current free cannabis seeds on offer from Kannabia Seeds.

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Free Cannabis Seeds - Latest Offers - Kannabia Seeds

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Free Cannabis Seeds – Vision Seeds

Marijuana Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds – Latest Offers

Free Vision Seeds

When you buy Vision Seeds, you are buying quality seeds from an experienced team of visionary Dutch seed breeders who have been studying and creating new strains of medicinal marijuana for many years using the best genetics in order to create different, new and exciting varieties of marijuana that excel in terms of effect, yield and overall grow and smoke satisfaction.

The entire range of Vision Seeds feminized and autoflowering strains are available to buy from Original Sensible in packs of 3, 5 & 10 seeds. The Original Sensible Seed Co. are official resellers of Vision Seeds and by purchasing their varieties through them ensures you are purchasing genuine Vision Seed strains.

Vision Seeds have years of experience in producing quality genetics, this is your guarantee that by selecting seeds from the Vision Seeds range you are buying the right seed and making the right choices about strain lineage and variety parentage.

The Dutch seed breeders at Vision Seeds are experts in cultivation and enjoy creating marijuana with characteristics you would like to see and experience for a range of different uses from recreational to medicinal.

Whether you try Vision Seeds classic feminized strains with names that you may recognize; Super Skunk, Northern Lights, White Widow, Jack Herrer & Amnesia, or you try their newer selections which stem from well known varieties; La Blanca Gold, Crystal Queen, ChocoLoco, Blue Power & Critical Impact you will not be disappointed by the quality of these seeds.

If you prefer autoflowering strains, then Vision Seeds have got all the classics that you’ll already be familiar with; Lowryder, Northern Lights Auto, Super Skunk Auto, White Widow Auto & AK 49 Auto as well as New varieties of autoflowering seeds; Blueberry Bliss Auto, Delhi Cheese Auto & Amnesia Haze Auto.


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