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DNA Genetics have been developing Marijuana Seeds in Amsterdam since 2002 by two guys who simply love Marijuana.Originally from the West Coast of America they decided to settle in the Dam to pursue their dream of growing the finest Marijuana.With the help from family and friends they had amased a great collection of rare Marijuana Seeds over the years and have since crossed the them with some of the worlds greastest strains such as G13 Haze and Columbian Gold .Dna Genetics has developed a variety of strains which range from the purest OG Kush to a collection of high quality hybrids, each offering a distinction in aroma, quantity and taste.

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DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder Seeds

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DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder

DNA Genetics 60 Day Wonder is a super fast Autoflowering strain with mouthwatering flavors.60 Day Wonder are easy to grow from the rookie to expert gardener these extremely pungent fast flowering plants from DNA Genetics will have you astonished. No special light or light cycle is needed, you can even flower her in your kitchen window (Of course a proper 18/6 hour light cycle will give much improved results). A perfect choice of Marijuana Seeds for the person who has always wanted to grow, but did not want to make investments in a grow room and those of us who have grown plenty, will be impressed at the ease and joy of growing these fantastic Marijuana Seeds.

DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush Seeds

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DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush

Dna Genetics Holy Grail Kush won 1st place in the 2011 HTCC with a first ever perfect score for smell looks and taste.DNA Genetics Brings the 2 time cannabis cup champion Kosher Kush and crossed her to the Multi Champion The OG#18 and named her The Holy Grail Kush!. This cross produces large resinous buds that smell of OG#18/Kosher goodness!  The Holy Grail is great for the novice as well as the Expert grower.Experienced growers can take her to the limit forcing the nutrient uptake to the very edge and being rewarded with amazingly aromatic plants with the muscle and yield not to be matched!Dna Genetics Holy Grail will demand the highest price of all the OG Kush Hybrids.

DNA Genetics Kandy Kush Seeds

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DNA Genetics Kandy Kush

DNA Genetics Kandy Kush Won 1st place at the Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 and was voted best Medical Marijuana on show.Dna Genetics Kandy Kush is a Classic stretch of the OG Kush crossed with Train Wreck to give you OG flavor and Train Wreck’s Fat Heavy Buds.Once again there are many medicinal benefits to this strain and a True California flavor. Train Wreck strain – known for it’s good commercial yields, frostiness and lemony scents mixes well with the sweetness of this Kush hybrid which is comparable to candy and after one hit you will keep coming back for more!! Heavy crystal production comes on after the 5th week but Kandy Kush doesn’t stop producing! One of the most resinous plants in DNA Genetics catalogue.

DNA Genetics Exodus Kush Seeds

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DNA Genetics Exodus Kush

DNA Genetics Exodus Kush is a cross that everyone has been asking for. Two distinctive flavors collide in this hybrid. The result is a Cheese growth structure,(short and broad with weighty dense colas) and the OG Kush strength (mostly being nighttime smoke due to its very strong couchlock affect).DNA Genetics Exodus Kush is a great plant for the beginner grower giving excellent yields as well as being very forgiving with slight mistakes. Don’t let the short stature of her in Veg deceive you, pinching is suggested to keep from too much stretching and providing more substantial yields. The flavor starts off like old school classic Cheese then quickly turns to OG Kush, while keeping the cheese ever so slightly in the background. This wonderful combination makes it hard for devoted Cheese lovers as well as the OG Kush.

DNA Genetics Chocolope Seeds

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DNA Genetics Chocolope

DNA Genetics Chocolope Marijuana Seeds were formerly named D-Line and has won many awards in the cannabis community.They are the amateur grower’s dream plant to grow with a distinctively heavy yield and large weighty buds.Dna Genetics Chocolope is extremely easy to grow. This Sativa likes to grow tall so beware if space is an issue, however she can grow wide with a little super cropping.DNA Genetics chose to cross the Original Chocolate Thai female with the Cannalope male, and then started backcrossing this to achieve a shorter flower time and still retain some of the Original Chocolate Thai qualities. What makes these Marijuana Seeds so special is that when you smoke her you actually get the taste of that chocolate you’ve been missing from the 80’s.

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