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Where To Get Free Cannabis Seeds August 2013

Marijuana Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds Offers August 2013

As always, here at VegPage, we like to keep you fully informed and up-to-date on all of the very best offers and discounted prices available on your Marijuana and Cannabis Seed purchases, ensuring that you receive the very best value for money from your purchases.

The coming month of August will see our friends at The Original Sensible Seed Company delivering 3 new and very special offers, allowing you to not only buy Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds at the cheapest prices, but to also qualify for even MORE FREE CANNABIS SEEDS than ever before.

Three of the very best Cannabis Seed companies have combined with The Original Sensible Seeds Company to offer any customers purchasing their Seeds even more free seeds than were presently being given away. Read further and discover the best value for money when you are buying Cannabis Seeds online.

Free Cannabis Seeds On All Orders

Regardless of which strain of Cannabis or Marijuana Seeds you decide to purchase, The Original Sensible Seeds Company will always include free Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds with your order. These free Cannabis Seeds are always from the most trusted and respected Seed Banks and companies, and can often be more expensive than your original purchase.

The free seed giveaways are always automatically added to your purchase prior to dispatch, and the amount of free Cannabis Seeds you receive depends upon the size of the order that you place. Consult the chart below and discover hoe many FREE CANNABIS SEEDS you will receive just for buying Cannabis Seeds at The Original Sensible Seeds Company.

Free Cannabis Seed Offers

What Are The Current Free Cannabis Seeds?

As you can see from the chart, every single order will receive at least 1 free Cannabis Seed, with the amount of free Cannabis Seeds increasing, the more you spend.

Your free Cannabis Seeds are added to your order, and depending upon whether you are ordering Autoflowering Seeds, or Feminized Cannabis Seeds, your free Cannabis Seeds will be the same. Currently, and the free Cannabis Seeds that they send do alter periodically, you will receive the following Seeds free with every order;

Autoflowering Seed Orders will receive the relevant number of free World Of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder.

Free Cannabis Seeds World Of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder

Auto Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Sex : Feminized Seed
Type : Indica, Ruderalis
Flowering : Autoflowering
Genetics : Pure Landrace proceeding from Afghanistan re-crossed with Rudelaris
Flowering Time : Short, Medium
Height : Short
THC Level : 22%
Characteristics : very narcotic, almost devastating


Feminized and Regular Cannabis Seed orders will receive the relevant number of free Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy.

Free Cannabis Seeds Delicious Seeds Cotton Candy

Feminized Cannabis Seed
Sex: Feminized Seed
Genotype: 75% sativa 25% indica
THC: 20%
Indoor Harvest Time: from 60 to 70 days
Flavour: Citric fruit
Production: 450-550gr/m2 indoor- 600 gr/m2 outdoor
Efect: Euphoric
Lineage: lavender x power plant

Receive Even More Free Cannabis Seeds With Your Order.

If you still want even more FREE CANNABIS SEEDS with your order, The Original Sensible Seeds Company has team up with three Seed Banks to offer you even more free Cannabis Seeds simply by purchasing any of their Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds.

DNA Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds From DNA Genetics

When it comes to high Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds, DNA Genetics are one of the best in the world. The Original Sensible Seeds Company have now added OG LA Affie, LA Chocolat and Chocolate Fondue to their vast collection of Cannabis and Marijuana seeds. Order any seeds from the DNA Genetics range and they will send you LA Woman for FREE!

Advanced Seeds

Buy The Best Marijuana Seeds Online - Free Marijuana Seeds With Every Order!

Advanced Seeds are among the best selling Cannabis and Marijuana Seed breeders at The Original Sensible Seeds Company. Order any seeds from the Advanced Seeds Collection and they send you either Bio Diesel Mass, Kali 47 or Afghan Skunk Cannabis Seeds absolutely FREE !

Joint Doctor Lowryder Marijuana and Cannabis Seeds

Joint Doctor - Lowryder Seeds

The Original Sensible Seeds Company has just added 2 new Cannabis Seeds to their collection of Lowryder strains from the Joint Doctor. Ogre and Purple Ryder 2 are the exciting new additions and to mark the occasion, The Original Sensible Seeds Company and Lowryder are giving away a Free Diesel Ryder seed when you order any seeds from the Lowryder collection.

Find the latest Marijuana Seeds Special Offers here

Where To Get Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana Seeds

Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds Online


Where To Get Cannabis Seeds.

Do you want to know where to get Free Cannabis Seeds? How about Free Marijuana Seeds with an exclusive free gift from one of the most highly awarded and trusted worldwide Marijuana Seed breeder, interested now?  Greenhouse Seeds have teamed up with our friends at the Original Seed Company to bring you a free and exclusive gift from there catalogue of gifts.

Simply purchase any Greenhouse Seeds through our link below, and not only will you qualify for free Marijuana Seeds, dependent upon your order, you will also qualify for one of two exclusive GreenHouse Seeds gifts, read on to discover more.

Where To Get Free Cannabis Seeds.

We here at Vegpage actively seek out the very best deals and promotions, we don’t just want to give away free cannabis seeds. We want to make sure that our cannabis seed promotions are the best possible. The Original Sensible Seed Company want to provide cannabis seed freebies that add value and an insight into something different.

They team up with top breeders to ensure that they can give away free cannabis seeds that deserve a place in your collection. Greenhouse Seeds are one of the very best Marijuana Seeds breeders and have been awarded many first place prizes at both High Times, and Cannabis Cups. You can discover the full and complete collection of GreenHouse Seeds by clicking the link below.

GreenHouse Seeds Free Giveaway.

GreenHouse width =

Many of use use a grinder to separate our Marijuana ready for smoking, how would like like to be the proud owner of an exclusive GreenHouse Seeds grinder? Unavailable in the shops, we are giving away these exclusive with every purchase of GreenHouse Marijuana Seeds.

These are high quality plastic grinders that all bare the GreenHouse Seeds logo. We also have a large number of very exclusive Greenhouse Lanyards, perfect for your phone or sunglasses.

As well as these exclusive gifts when you purchase any GreenHouse Seeds, Original Seeds also give away Free Cannabis Seeds for every purchase. So no matter if you only order a single Marijuana Seeds, you will also receive 1 totally free.

Currently the Seeds that are being given away as free cannabis seeds are from World of Seeds, Dinafem and Delicious Seeds, 3 very well known and well established Marijuana Seeds Cultivators.

By purchasing Cannabis Seeds from GreenHouse Seeds not only will you be supplied with some of the very best, and highest quality seeds available, you will also receive a free lanyard or grinder, and also free Cannabis Seeds.

You can discover more about the Free Seed and Gifts Giveaway Below.

Greenhouse free grinder special

Greenhouse Seeds – Free Grinder Special