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Flower Bomb Kush Seeds

Green House Seeds Flower Bomb KushHigh Times Cannabis Cup Winner Flower Bomb Kush from Green House Seeds can now be purchased in packets of 3, 5 and 10 feminized Marijuana Seeds. With prices starting at just €26.99 for 3.

Since winning the top prize for their entry Flower Bomb Kush in the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup, many people have wondered when Green House Seeds would release this champion to the Cannabis and Marijuana growing community. Blending together the infamous Green Crack strain and classic OG Kush Seeds, presented Green House Seeds with a wonderful and thrilling new strain, a true champion Kush.

Flower Bomb Kush Seeds Review

Flower Bomb Kush Seeds.
Although the information regarding this strain is slightly limited, various growing trials have yielded enough information for us to write a Flower Bomb Kush review.

Whether an indoor or outdoor Marijuana grower, Flower Bomb Kush Seeds thrive in either environment due to its deep Indica Cannabis genetics. Sold in packs of various sizes, select from three, five or ten feminized Flower Bomb Kush Seeds per pack, both the hobby gardener, and the more serious commercial growers can now at last grow last years Cannabis Cup champion.

By selecting the best seeds from the Green Crack and OG Kush pollination, Flower Bomb Kush produces a dark green, almost black Marijuana plant that remains fairly short in height, but by harvest will be weighed down by up to 800 grams per square meter under optimum indoor conditions, or, when grown outdoors, a Kilo of dried buds is achievable.

Both the taste and smell of the buds is reminiscent of a classic OG Kush, while visually the cured buds look almost black, appearing dense, hard and completely coated in THC rich resin. Once completely dried and cured Flower Bomb Kush remain sticky to the touch and can produce a visual delight with their extra large calyxes.

Once smoked or consumed, the high slams into your brain fast, producing a long lasting, strong and relaxing body stone that can be creative and entertaining.

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Learn About The Kush Strains Here

Kush Seeds and Strains

Buy OG Kush Marijuana Seeds If you go online and search about cannabis, you will discover that there are not only many varieties of Kush Seeds available, but that they are also split into three differing varieties. With such a vast choice available, it can sometimes be difficult to select the best Marijuana or Cannabis seeds for your needs.

In order to help you get familiar with some of the most popular cannabis seed strains these days, here is a brief description of the three different varieties that all Cannabis and Marijuana are categorized in to.

Feminized Kush seeds

Female only or as they are often referred to, Feminized Kush seeds are guaranteed to produce female only plants, if certain climatic conditions are fulfilled. They are widely used by Marijuana growers because it is only the buds of the female Kush plants that produce the medical Marijuana buds that many people buy in the Marijuana dispensaries. They require a degree of care, as harsh conditions can lead to various problems, including inducing the Kush plants to become hermaphrodites.

As they yield more females than the average packet of regular Kush seeds, they are often slightly more expensive than the regular Kush seed strains.

Regular Kush seeds

Many of the original and natural Kush Marijuana Seeds are available only in their natural form. These natural or Land-Race Kush strains are often used by larger scale, outdoor operations to produce seeds for the following years crop. When buying these seeds, expect to grow Marijuana plants that do not really possess any characteristics that are out of the ordinary. Purchasing high quality Regular Kush seeds from a legitimate supplier is the best way to assure a quality crop.

Regular Kush seeds purchased from reputable breeders including Sensi Seeds, Ace Seeds and DNA Genetics contain some of the best natural genetics available. Regular cannabis seed strains are still capable of providing high quality yield, and they simple are not genetically engineered or cross bred like the other types of strains.

Autoflowering Kush Seeds

Through selective breeding between original Kush Indica Marijuana plants and the wild version known as Ruderalis, it is now possible to buy Autoflowering Kush seeds. They are capable of producing and maturing flowers and buds regardless of any changes in their daylight hours or times. Due to the genetics of the Ruderalis genes, these seeds are capable of growing and flowering in almost any conditions.

Over the last ten years a lot of work and investment has gone into producing Autoflowering Seeds. For that reason, you have to make sure that you have a bit higher budget in order to afford this type of seed.

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