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Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Afghan Feminized Marijuana seeds are a pure, 100% Indica variety that originated in the mountainous regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

A compact and easy-to-grow strain, it remains short and squat, reaching heights of no more than 1 meter tall.

The close branching structure produces a multitude of budding sites, leading to a bushy rather than tall plant.

Well-known for its dense buds and heavy resin production, Afghan Marijuana is the foundation of many modern and popular strains.

If the strain has traces of Indica, the chances are it contains some Afghan genetics. If you’re looking for a stable, dependable strain with repeating results, try our Afghan Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale.

Afghan Marijuana Strain Review.

A natural Land-race strain, Afghan Marijuana plants can be successfully cultivated outdoors over the course of the season. Planted outdoors from the end of Spring, they will develop and grow over the Summer months. Like all Feminized Marijuana seeds, they only produce female plants, so there’s no need to worry about unwanted males.

Flowering begins once the plants receive 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness per night. Depending upon conditions, Afghan Marijuana plants require approximately 8 weeks to fully develop and mature. Expect dense, hard buds with a thick and generous coating of resin.

Indoor growers can successfully cultivate these Afghan Feminized Marijuana seeds, often producing even higher quality buds. A great strain for Sea-of-Green and Super-Cropping growing techniques, producing large quantities of dank, aromatic buds. Expect average yields of between 14 – 16 oz per square meter given good conditions.

THC levels of between 13% – 17% produce a relaxing high, felt more in the body than the mind. A well-known form of natural pain-relief, Afghan Marijuana is loved by recreational and medicinal users alike. Often prescribed to assist with rest, relaxation and sleep, reducing insomnia.

With it’s sweet, fruity flavor and small, sticky buds, many new and light users don’t realize the power of Afghan Marijuana. Potent and powerful effects can easily induce ‘couch-lock’ so enjoying the strain in the evening is probably the best option.

  • Pure 100% Indica Marijuana Seeds.
  • Flowering time 8 weeks on average.
  • Yields of 14 – 16 oz per square meter.
  • THC content of 13% – 17%.
  • Relaxing body-buzz effect.
  • Can reduce pain, stress, depression and insomnia.

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Afghan Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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