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Alien Technology Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana seeds produce pure Indica plants. Robust and hardy, the genetics have been crossed with many popular strains, created the ‘Alien’ strains.

A rogue Afghani descendant whose exact origins are unknown. The light green buds, colorful pistils and heavy coating of resin make this strain a joy to grow and enjoy. A rare strain, steeped in mystery.

An easy Marijuana strain to grow, the pure Indica genes produce small, squat plants that can withstand cooler conditions. Great for outdoor growers of all levels of experience.

Highly adaptable, indoor growers can also enjoy the benefits of cultivating these Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale. Their reduced height and bushy nature make them perfect for Sea-of-Green methods.

Requiring very little work, you can enjoy impressive yields of dank, Indica buds. A great choice for recreational and medicinal Marijuana growers alike.

Alien Technology Marijuana Strain Review.

If you like your buds to induce a heavy ‘body-buzz’ you’ll love these Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana seeds. Pure 100% Indica genes, easy to grow and great for all levels of experience. Enjoy a fast, hard-hitting and physical sensation as you enjoy the complex array of aroma’s and flavors.

A totally stable strain, created from a rogue Afghani, the feminized seeds are completely guaranteed to produce pure female plants. With no requirement for sexing and every plant female, you’ll waste no time, effort or resources on unwanted male plants. Maximize your harvests with Feminized Marijuana seeds.

As with all Marijuana plants, the vegetative and flowering phases are completely separate. While the plants receive 12 hours daylight or more, they will grow and develop. Once the daylight hours begin to reduce and the darkness hours increase above 12 per night, the plant will start to flower. Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana seeds require between 8 – 9 weeks in flower to completely mature.

With its reduced height and strong, close branching structure, the strain’s a perfect candidate for indoor Sea-of-Green methods. Close-quarter growing and Super-Cropping techniques can help to maximize yields and generate an even canopy of buds. Yields vary depending upon conditions, but are typically average.

The buds are very hard and dense, with a generous coating of resin. Both the aroma and flavor are complex, with spicy, woody and sweet caramel tastes rolled into one. THC levels are strong, averaging between 16% – 19% inducing a strong ‘body-buzz’ effect. Deeply relaxing, it can cause ‘couch-lock’ in some light-users, while more seasoned smokers will enjoy its relaxing, euphoric effects.

  • 100% Pure Indica strain.
  • Flowering time 8 – 9 weeks on average.
  • Average yields depending upon conditions.
  • THC content 16% – 19%.
  • Relaxing body-stone effect.
  • Can relax the body and reduce insomnia.

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Alien Technology Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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