Battle Of The 7 Dwarfs

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Battle Of The 7 Dwarfs

They didn’t stand a chance! Those poor old Disney characters were hammered and so will you be when you take on any of the 7 Dwarfs Autoflowering Cannabis seed collection.

Here’s a brief review of how they sized up against each other.

Doc v Hercules Doc V Hercules

It was always going to be a mis-match.

An old bubbling doc against the powerful medicinal value of Hercules.

Weighing in at an incredible 55 grams per plant in 63 days it didn’t take long for Hercules to mature ready for battle.

A terrific medicinal punch was delivered via Santa Maria, offering a smooth, floral flavor, knocking the ol’ Doc for 6.

Grumpy v Cyclops Grumpy V Cyclops

He Moaned as the AK genetics blew him away.

Grumpy against Cyclops armed with AK 47 genetics shot him down

He pulled a face and said ‘he didn’t like it’ but within minutes the powerful AK genetics from Cyclops had him dribbling.

50 grams a plant within 9 weeks made this strain a winner with it’s pineapple flavor and Indica hit.

Happy v Goliath Happy V Goliath

One of the closest battles of the day.

Both created a happy vibe as they entered the ring, but Goliath’s creative side had the edge.

A pleasant and sociable smoke with Power Plant genetics to ensure a massive cerebral punch

Great for pain relief and depression Goliath remains short, but with a big punch.

Sneezy v Gigantes Sneezy V Gigantes

Poor old Sneezy claimed Hayfever, but there was no male pollen here.

Without males the pollen was unavailable to fertilize the buds, or make him sneeze.

Gigantes called upon his sociable and energizing buzz to stop Sneezy as the bell rung.

45 grams of heavyweight bud pounding from every plant makes Gigantes a winner every time.

Bashful v Titan Bashful V Titan

Bashful just couldn’t take the fast hitting, Indica high supplied by Titan

With it’s clear blueberry taste and calming effect supplied by the Hindu Kush, Titan took just 9 weeks to finish the battle

Averaging 35 grams a plant of medicinal grade Marijuana, it packs a heavy punch

Stress, insomnia and depression and Bashful are soon things of the past.

Sleepy v Colossus Sleepy V Colossus

The power and quality of the biggest of the 7 Dwarfs seeds was too much for Sleepy

The biggest in the pack and oozing quality supplied by it’s parents Maxi Gom and Lowryder #2, sheer size and weight outclasses all contenders.

It’s incredible central Cola and abundant side buds just add to the explosive pineapple flavor that comes with every hit.

55 grams per plant in 9 weeks makes Colossus a Cash-Crop winner.

Dopey v Trojan Dopey V Trojan

Dopey thought he was seeing things when the huge central Cola of Trojan appeared.

Incorporating both Lowryder and Lowryder #2 with NYC Diesel genes, Trojan is a powerhouse of quality genetics with a flavor to match.

It’s huge central Cola provides most of it’s weight, producing an incredible cerebral high with a grapefruit flavor.

Forget Dopey, Trojan’s creativity and heady high will energize you for the day.

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