Best Marijuana Seeds 2017

Cannabis And Marijuana Seeds 2017

Best Marijuana Seeds 2017

Best Marijuana Seeds 2017

Changes to many State laws regarding growing and possessing Marijuana and Cannabis during 2016, means more people than ever can now legally grow Marijuana in the United States of America. It is estimated that as much as 20% of the population off America now has the right to grow a limited number of plants, for either medicinal or recreational use.

Until now, many people were only able to grow and posses Marijuana if they had a Medical Marijuana card entitling them to do so. The changes in the law in several States now allows anyone of adult age to grow a limited number of plants in various stages of development, depending on which State you live in.

These changes now allow people who couldn’t get a medical Marijuana card to begin growing their own Marijuana freely and without repercussion, with many people expected to begin growing their own plants almost immediately.

Whether you’re an experienced grower, or trying to grow for the very first time, using high quality seeds is one of the most important factors for gardeners, as the seeds will only produce plants containing the parents genetics, and you can’t grow good stock from bad seeds.


Best Marijuana Seeds For Beginners 2017.

If you are one of the many  people considering growing Marijuana in 2017 you may need to purchase seeds for the very first time, and are probably researching the best place to buy Marijuana seeds online. There is a wide and varied selection available, some for the indoor grower, others that prefer growing outside. There are Regular Marijuana seeds which can produce a male or female plant, or Feminized seeds, which generate female-only plants, as well as a selection of Autoflowering seeds.

Although growing Marijuana isn’t that hard, the different strains vary in difficulty, with some strains recommended especially for beginners, and others that require a little more skill and precision to achieve the very best harvests. If you’re growing Marijuana for the first time you’ll want to achieve a worthwhile harvest, despite your limited experience and knowledge, and the best way to achieve this is to buy Marijuana seeds that suit your needs and experience level.

The Complete Beginners Marijuana Seeds Grow SetOriginally, Marijuana plants were divided into two specific types: Sativa, which grew in hot countries with long Summer months, producing tall plants with a lengthy flowering period. Or Indica plants that came from the mountainous Hindu Kush area, which remained short and squat, quickly creating dense, resin coated buds with a short flowering time. After many years of cross-breeding and stabilizing, there are now countless strains and hybrids, each containing different amounts of Sativa and Indica genetics.

One of the most popular stains of Marijuana, known as White Widow, is an Indica dominant plant with large, dense buds and heavy yielding harvests. Perfect for beginners, and a favorite of many medicinal and commercial growers, White Widow feminized seeds are guaranteed to produce female only plants, eliminating the need for sexing, or wasted time and effort growing unwanted male plants. Their hardy and vibrant nature is forgiving of many of the mistakes new growers can make, such as incorrect Ph levels, a lack or overdose of nutrients, and imperfect growing conditions, which can often severely reduce the yields from other, more temperamental and difficult strains to master.

For an even easier plant to grow, consider White Widow Autoflowering seeds. Containing all the traits, attributes and characteristics of the popular feminized variety, but without the need for a separate flowering period, these are considering the easiest Marijuana seeds to grow, requiring very little effort, skill or knowledge to quickly produce strong plants and high quality buds. If you are considering growing Marijuana in 2017 for the first time, the Beginners Complete Set provides you with 20 Autoflowering White Widow seeds, together with all the nutrients necessary to achieve a healthy harvest, as well as the complete protection system designed to prevent many of the common problems faced by growers, including, mold, mites and root diseases.


Best Medical Marijuana Seeds 2017.

Although several States in America now allow recreational, as well as medical Marijuana use, there is still a demand for high quality Medical Marijuana from people who believe in the plants natural medicinal properties. Indica dominant Marijuana has proven pain-relieving properties, while the more Sativa based strains are an ideal form of natural stress relief.

The Complete Medical Marijuana Seeds Grow SetFor many people, the difference between medical and recreational Marijuana is the high produced when the buds are ingested or smoked. For example, someone suffering from stress and anxiety may smoke a bud or eat it as a consumable to help them cope with the stress they face during the day. However, they will still need to be able to function without appearing ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. Certain strains offer a blend of THC, CBD and CBN, three of the main psychoactive elements found in Marijuana, in a way that produces the required, medicinal effects, without a ‘soaring high’ or ‘couch-locking stone’.

Cheese is one of the best Medical Marijuana strains available, with a low to medium THC content and high CBD levels, perfect for daily use. Now available as a complete grow set, you can enjoy great savings, with the delivery containing 20 feminized seeds, all with guaranteed germination and the assurance of producing female only plants, a complete nutrient set for all their needs and requirements through both the vegetative and flowering stages, and a set of three plant protectors specifically designed to protect and repair your plants from mites, molds and fungus infections.

We offer a complete selection of Marijuana seeds with a wide range of uses for both day and night-time use. For a full and complete review of the medical benefits of each of the strains we offer, click here. Medical Marijuana Seeds.


Best Indoor Marijuana Seeds 2017

One of the first decisions you should make when choosing which strains to grow, is to consider the conditions and environment they will be growing your and plants in. Plants that grow well outside, aren’t always the best strains to grow indoors. Factors such as height, spread and total flowering time need to be considered, and many of the best yielding outdoor strains grow far too tall for the average indoor grower, and often require a lot longer flowering period than many growers are prepared to wait.

The Complete High Yield Marijuana Seeds Grow SetThe majority of indoor Marijuana growers are looking to produce high quality buds as quickly as possible with the minimal amount of fuss and effort. Specifically designed indoor seeds display the traits and attributes required, and usually have a shorter flowering period due to a higher proportion of Indica genetics. Many of the most popular and well known strains are hybrids, containing both Sativa and Indica genetics, producing a variety of tastes, aroma’s and affects.

Most indoor growers want to grow female plants, as only these generate flowers and buds. Buying feminized seeds assures the grower that each seed germinated will produce a pure female plant, reducing wasted time, effort and resources looking after and nurturing, unwanted male plants. Stable, uniform strains are the very best for the indoor grower, producing a vibrant, even canopy with multiple budding sites. Long running, tall colas with a lot of wasted space between them are not the most profitable way to grow indoors.

Two of the most commercially used methods to generate high quality, heavy harvests are known as Sea-of-Green (SOG), which uses short squat plants, grown close together to quickly produce an even canopy. Or the Screen-of-Green (SCROG) method where less plants are used and weaved between a screen, until a canopy is generated. Many of the strains we offer are good for SCROG or SOG growing making them perfect for the indoor grower.


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