Best Selling Marijuana Seeds For November 2012 Week 2

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Barneys Farm Violator Kush

Barneys Farm Violator Kush is this weeks recommendation for those of you that enjoy hard hitting, heavy yielding Indica Marijuana Seeds. Barneys Farm Coffee Shop in Amsterdam is a must visit location for any tourist, and purchasing and enjoying high quality Violator Kush can often be the highlight smoke of the trip.

Once back at home in America you can enjoy all the quality of Amsterdam by purchasing original, genuine Barneys Farm Violator Kush Marijuana Seeds right here at VegPage, your No#1 supplier of quality Marijuana Seeds to the USA.

Barneys Farm Violator Kush Review.

Barneys Farm Violator Kush is an Indica-Dominated Marijuana hybrid, consisting of the original Hindu Kush x Malana. These two parents provide the genetics for the Vanilla Kush.

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The flavor of Barneys Farm Violator Kush can differ as their are two very distinctive phenotypes. The first provides a scent of musky hash oil, while the alternative provides more of  a sweet wild flower bouquet.

Great yield are assured with this Kush hybrid, together with a high bud to leaf ratio make it ideal for Sea-of-Green growers.

Barneys Farm Violator Kush buds are heavy, providing a terrific return for the commercial grower.

During flowering this particular Marijuana strain must be supported because of their weight and density of the buds and especially the primary cola .

Once completely matured, these Marijuana plants show an extraordinary density of trichomes.

The effect and physical high from Barneys Farm Violator Kush is a comfortable couch-lock, and provides an good source of pain relief as well as a calming, relaxing effect.


Indica dominant





flower time:

60-65 days

harvest time:

end September






Kashmir/Afghan Kush

Barneys Farm Violator Kush are just one of the Marijuana Seeds available.

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