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Black Hulk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Black Hulk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

One of the latest additions to our collection of high-quality Canadian strains, Black Hulk Feminized Marijuana seeds. An Indica dominant hybrid, created from Bruce Banner and Black Domina.

Available for sale online, you can buy Black Hulk seeds and have them delivered to any part of Canada and the USA. Enjoy the very best genetics with this Canadian underground strain.

With two very popular and highly productive parents, the resulting plants are strong and stable. However, with phenotype selection and cross-breeding, Black Hulk Feminized Marijuana seeds contain enough Sativa genes to produce taller than average, Indica dominant plants.

An easy strain to grow with a preference for indoor cultivation methods, almost anyone can quickly and easily produce a worthwhile harvest. Enjoy dark colored, crystal coated buds with a rich fruity flavor.

Black Hulk Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale are perfect for hydroponic set-ups and systems. Ensure the lower parts of the plant are kept trimmed, with a good supply of fresh air to avoid mold or bud-rot issues.

Black Hulk Marijuana Strain Review.

With the right seeds and strains growing Marijuana in Canada can be easy. Grow-rooms don’t have to be complicated or expensive, just provide adequate levels of light, fresh air and room. Black Hulk Feminized Marijuana are perfectly adapted for indoor growing techniques.

With their close branches and stretch during the first few weeks of flowering, super-cropping, bending, pruning and trimming are all recommended to enhance the yield while reducing the height. Flowering begins when the plants receive 12 hours or more undisturbed hours of darkness per night.

Feminized Marijuana seeds produce pure female plants, eliminating the worry of growing unwanted males. With no wasted space or resources, every seed generates a harvest of good-quality buds.

Flowering times vary depending upon conditions, with indoor cultivated plants maturing slightly faster. Allow between 8 – 10 weeks for these Black Hulk Feminized Marijuana seeds to achieve peak ripeness and maturity.

Recreational users will love the fast-acting effects, with THC levels averaging 15% -18%. When smoked, the buds have a rich, fruity flavor and earthy after-taste. Enjoy a sedative, relaxing end to the day when you feel the effects of Black Hulk Marijuana strain.

  • Hybrid strain with Indica dominant tendencies
  • Flowering time 8 – 10 weeks on average.
  • Yields of 450 grams indoor and 350 grams per plant outdoors.
  • THC content 18%
  • Relaxed but energizing body-buzz
  • Reduces depression, stress and insomnia.

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Black Hulk

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Black Hulk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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