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Blue Head Band Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Blue Head band Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale with direct shipping to all parts of Canada and the USA. A highly recommended strain, created with balanced Indica and Sativa genetics.

A blend of Blueberry and Head Band Marijuana strains, these feminized Marijuana seeds for sale are completely stable. Containing no male chromosomes, every seed produces a pure female plant.

The perfect choice for all growing methods, Blue Head Band Feminized seeds can be planted outdoors during the Summer months. It can also be successfully cultivated indoors, within a purpose-built area.

An easy and straight-forward Marijuana strain, a perfect choice for growers of all levels of experience. The plants have a natural resilience to many common errors and mistakes, as well as a natural defense against molds and pests.

Planted outdoors Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana seeds can produce spectacular yields. However, with the cooler Canadian conditions, indoor growing techniques will generate bigger, better quality buds and harvests.

Blue Head Band Marijuana Strain Review.

Combining genetics from the complex Head Band Marijuana strain, with the delicious fruity flavor of a top-quality Blueberry, has resulted in a this perfectly formed and balanced hybrid. Expect large, heavy yields and incredible yields of spicy buds with an almost liquorice flavor.

Completely feminized seeds ensure all the plants you grow are female. As only the female Marijuana plant produces the buds cherished by growers and smokers, growing male plants is a waste of space, time and resources. Maximize your harvests with these Blue Hand Band Feminized Marijuana seeds.

Considered an easy strain to grow and successfully cultivate, the plants respond well to super-cropping and a range of other advanced growing techniques. To learn more about increasing the potential yields from your seeds, download the Marijuana Grow Guide, free and without obligation.

With good growing techniques and environmental controls, Blue Head Band Feminized Marijuana seeds can produce approximately 400 grams of delicious buds per square meter. Given warm, Mediterranean conditions, each plant can produce up to 1200 grams, grown outdoors over an entire season.

Potent THC levels of between 19% – 23% induce a cerebral high, relaxing but invigorating. A great strain for daytime use, it can help motive the mind while reducing pain and fatigue. Highly recommended for medical use, with strong analgesic properties.

  • Balanced Indica and Sativa genetics.
  • Flowering time 8 – 10 weeks.
  • Yields of 400 grams indoors and up to 1200 grams per plant outdoor.
  • THC content 19% – 23%.
  • Cerebral high with creative uplifting effects.
  • Natural analgesic, can reduce stress, anxiety and pain.

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Blue Head Band

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Blue Head Band Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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