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Autoflowering seeds have become the preferred selection by a large number of people growing outdoors, in states from the north to the south. Fully feminized, guaranteeing each seed will generate only pure female plants, they produce the quickest harvests from seed through to complete maturity. You can buy autoflowering seeds in Connecticut online here. A wild form of hemp known as ruderalis produces the automatic flowering genetics, and even though it’s crude, natural form isn’t any good alone, combined with potent natural and feminized strains, it produces pure female seeds containing the very best attributes from both sets of parents, with the ability to produce flowers and substantial buds with ease, no matter what amount of light or night hours the plants have.

Buying autoflowering seeds in Connecticut has become very popular, with growers enjoying several crops within a season by using the same area. Their capacity to grow, develop and mature simultaneously through to complete maturity under any lighting conditions, generates fast Summer harvests from seeds planted in the Spring. Yields are often smaller, compared to traditional marijuana plants grown over a season, but the quality of the buds, taste and aroma is similar, and with several crops possible per year, planting autoflowering seeds over the growing season will produce high quality harvests throughout the later part of the Spring and Summer, and into the Fall. By combining the very best genetics, selective breeding and quality controls, produces the very best autoflowering seeds for sale in Connecticut, and although individual plant yields aren’t as large and exciting as those from season-long feminized seeds, the overall quality, and characteristics such as taste and smell remain the same. Autoflowering plants remain squat and short, the lack of vegetative growth focuses the plants energy on producing a large central cola, with fewer side branches and buds than both feminized and regular marijuana seeds, producing short, dense plants, great for growing styles such as the Sea-of-Green method.

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Many seasoned outdoor marijuana gardeners germinate their autoflowering seeds inside, at the start of the season, this allows their seedlings a couple of weeks to to grow and become established before being taken and planted outdoors. We offer a wide selection of marijuana seeds, each guaranteed to germinate and grow, although this does require following a precise method. Planting the seeds outside, directly into the ground isn’t recommended and results in a lower success ratio. Most varieties of autoflowering seeds require between seven-to-nine weeks in which to grow, flower and completely ripen ready for harvest. Autoflowering plants generally remain squat, often reaching just a hundred centimeters or so in height, making them very easy to conceal and camouflage. With few side branches together with a swollen cola, harvesting and manicuring the buds and plants can be very quick and simple, with the plants having a high bud to leaf ratio. Yield’s vary between strains, as well as differences in typical weather providing varying quality of sunlight, however, in general the more direct, strong sunshine the plants enjoy, the bigger the overall, total amount of dried buds. For a lot of growers, the major disadvantages with traditional marijuana seeds can be the length of time the plants require from germination to harvest, due to their need for at least twelve hours of regular darkness per night to flower. This means all the plants will develop and grow during the Summer months, flowering in early Fall, and generating their ripened buds at around a similar week. Alternatively, autoflowering seeds planted in Connecticut will mature in roughly seventy days from germination, letting the grower plant young germinated seedlings outdoors from April right through until the end of the Summer months, producing staggered, regular buds and cola’s over the later part of the Summer and into the Fall.

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While some states in the USA allow the limited growing of marijuana seeds, other states do not, because of this, remote and secluded growing has become very popular across many parts. By employing a set of methods and systems, many of the risks associated with growing marijuana seeds can be reduced, with many people buying and cultivating autoflowering seeds as their chosen preference. Across many parts of America, autoflowering seeds are becoming the choice selection of outdoor and guerrilla growers. Fast-flowering and easy to grow, they are a perfect choice for cultivating outdoors on parts of your land, or someone else’s, that attracts few walkers or visitors. While buying feminized marijuana seeds in Connecticut which need the whole season to grow may produce greater yields, buying autoflowering seeds and strains generates multiple harvests and makes hiding the plants far easier. For new growers, experience is often a factor to be taken into account. While all marijuana seeds produce plants that can be grown both indoors and outside, certain seeds and strains are better than others, and may also be a lot easier to grow. Autoflowering seeds need limited skill or attention to achieve high quality buds and harvests. As long as the plants receive a regular supply of water and necessary nutrients, sunlight and fresh air, they will grow and flower simultaneously, producing a high quality crop in approximately ten weeks from germination, whatever your level of skill and experience.

Buy AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

AK 47 Autoflower

An extremely easy to grow autoflowering AK 47 strain with equal measures of both Sativa and Indica genetics.Known as the ‘One-shot-wonder’.

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Buy Blueberry Autoflower Seeds

Blueberry Autoflower

A fruity blend of Indica dominant genetics make these Blueberry Autoflowering seeds very special and the perfect outdoor Summer strain.

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Buy White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Autoflower

White Widow is a world-famous Marijuana strain, now available in autoflower form. Powerful and potent ‘body-buzz’ from its large, dense buds.

More Information

Our Autoflowering marijuana seeds for sale are extremely easy to grow, providing even the most inexperienced grower a quick way to produce a good quality harvest. We offer a selection of strains, offering different flavors, aroma’s and highs, there is a strain to suit all needs and requirements. Well known by growers, White Widow autoflowering marijuana seeds are some of the most popular, providing a strong, fast-acting high, or perhaps you prefer the sweet, fruity flavor of our highly recommended autoflowering Blueberry seeds. Growing marijuana in Connecticut can be easy, especially if you plant autoflowering seeds. Potent harvests can be produced by growers of all levels of experience, and is certainly true if enhanced growing methods and a variety of techniques are employed and utilized. Good information is at hand, download our recommended and totally free Growing Marijuana Guide through us with no obligation, and learn how easy it can be to improve the flavor, and total yield from your plants.

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