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Autoflowering seeds have grown in popularity to become the preferred selection for many outdoor growers, from Florida, through to even Alaska. Completely feminized and capable of producing a true female marijuana plant, these seeds produce the fastest crops from seed to full maturity. You can buy autoflowering seeds in Illinois online through us. Ruderalis, a wild form of hemp, produces the ‘auto-flowering’ genes, and while in it’s natural form its flowers are of poor potency and quality, when they are combined with high quality traditional strains, they produce feminized seeds with the very best characteristics from both sets of parents, with the ability to generate high quality buds with ease, regardless of the number of daylight or night hours the plants receive.

Planted in the Spring, autoflowering seeds require just ten weeks from germination to achieve complete maturity. Both the growth and budding phases combine to simultaneously develop the plant and it’s buds , generating flowers and cola’s that have attributes and characteristics which are similar to the original, traditional varieties. Potency levels are good, offering a wide selection of tastes, smells and effects, both medicinal and recreational, and although yields may be reduced, their capacity to grow and mature quickly, allows several crop to be grown per year. With no set and defined growing phase, autoflowering plants develop a large single cola and only a few lower buds. The plants reduced height and close, dense growth makes them perfect for growing in close proximity to one another, utilizing the complete area’s capacity. Individual plant yields are reduced compared to traditional strains, however they do have a similar taste and high, and once the buds are harvested, it’s difficult to distinguish it from other traditional forms of marijuana.

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There may be several reasons why outdoor growers choose to buy autoflowering marijuana seeds in Illinois, The speed with which they grow being primary. As the first signs of Spring approach, autoflowering seeds may be germinated indoors and placed under florescent tubes for the first couple of weeks of their lives, exposing them to constant light  will help to speed up the development of a healthy rooting system, prior to being planted outdoors at the very start of the growing season. Most varieties of autoflowering seeds require between seven-to-nine weeks in which to grow, produce it’s buds and fully mature ready for harvest. Autoflowering plants generally are reduced in height, often reaching only a meter tall, making them very easily disguised and hidden. With few side branches and a swollen cola, harvesting and manicuring is very quick and simple with the plants enjoying a low amount of leaf to trim. Yield’s are different between strains, as well as different environments producing differing amounts, however, the general rule is the greater the intensity and duration of strong and direct sunshine the plants receive, the larger the buds and the overall, total yield. Cultivating marijuana plants with a controlled life-span allows for regular cultivating and subsequent harvests. Where as feminized marijuana seeds all ripen and mature mid to late Fall, requiring at least 12 hours of uninterrupted and regular darkness per day to fully mature. By cultivating autoflowering seeds in Illinois during the first half of the growing season, harvests will be generated approximately two months later. Selecting and cultivating autoflowering marijuana seeds outdoors from April until July, generates a series of regular, quality buds that can be harvested from a small outdoor area.

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Guerrilla growing marijuana is increasing in popularity in many parts of the USA, and Illinois is no exception, whether legal or not. In parts of the USA where growing marijuana is illegal or restricted, guerrilla growing techniques are often utilized to produce an outdoor crop. Many states limit the amount of plants that are permitted, guerrilla cultivation techniques can be used to help generate a higher total yield generated while decreasing the risks associated with cultivating more plants than legally permitted. One of the key points of outdoor guerrilla growing is to spend as little time as possible with the plants reducing the chances of being caught with them. Buying marijuana seeds in Illinois that need the minimum amount of care and experience to produce a quality harvest is a key influence when choosing the best seeds to grow, and due to their easy growing, quick maturing features, it’s simple to see why many growers are buying autoflowering seeds in Illinois to cultivate and grow in the forthcoming growing season. Regardless of whether you are an experienced and seasoned grower, or one who is new to growing marijuana in Illinois, cultivating autoflowering seeds outdoors will result in plants of similar quality. Beginners can produce fast, outstanding plants with very little effort, letting them grow naturally, while more experienced producers can focus on improving both the yield and potency, without worrying if their plants are in good health.

Buy AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

AK 47 Autoflower

An extremely easy to grow autoflowering AK 47 strain with equal measures of both Sativa and Indica genetics.Known as the ‘One-shot-wonder’.

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Buy Blueberry Autoflower Seeds

Blueberry Autoflower

A fruity blend of Indica dominant genetics make these Blueberry Autoflowering seeds very special and the perfect outdoor Summer strain.

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Buy White Widow Autoflower Seeds

White Widow Autoflower

White Widow is a world-famous Marijuana strain, now available in autoflower form. Powerful and potent ‘body-buzz’ from its large, dense buds.

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Considered the easiest form of marijuana to grow that even the inexperienced grower has a fast and easy way to produce their own harvest. We offer a selection of strains, offering different flavors, smells and highs, there is a strain suitable for all, both medical and recreational. White Widow autoflowering marijuana seeds are highly popular, providing a powerful, fast-acting high, or perhaps you prefer the sweet,fruity flavor of our recommended autoflowering Blueberry marijuana seeds. Outdoor growing marijuana in Illinois is fast and simple if you buy and plant autoflowering seeds. Potent plants and crops can be achieved by both experienced and inexperienced growers, especially if enhanced growing methods and techniques are employed and adopted. Good information is at hand, download the totally free Growing Marijuana Guide through us with no obligation, and discover how to improve the flavor, and total yield from your outdoor marijuana plants.

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