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A highly popular, Indica dominant strain with a 23% THC content and low CBD.

Bubba Kush Marijuana Seeds
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Strain: Bubba Kush

Plant Type: Feminized

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  • Bubba Kush Feminized Seeds

Bubba Kush Feminized

Bubba Kush is a well known marijuana variety that originated in California, but is now available all around the world. Its 90% Indica dominant genes are from a classic OG Kush and unknown Indica variety, producing a dense plant with a more subtle taste and aroma than that of the traditional OG Kush strains. This is a highly sought after and popular strain, enjoyed by medical and recreational users alike.

All of our recommended Bubba Kush marijuana seeds are completely feminized, guaranteeing a pure, stable plant from each seed purchased. Germination is assured under the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee, ensuring you receive only the very best quality seeds. Although not the easiest strain to grow, Bubba Kush can be cultivated both indoors, and outside during the growing season.

A perfect strain for Sea-of-Green (SOG) growing techniques, where the plants can be grown in close proximity to each other, quickly trained to produce a thick, even canopy of future bud sites.

Grown outdoors Bubba Kush requires the daylight hours to decrease below 12 per day to induce flowering, often culminating in a mid-October harvest. Indoor growers can time their harvests by allowing between 8-9 weeks for their plants to flower and mature before harvesting them. Growers should expect yields of around 14 ounces per square meter indoors, and up to 17 ounces per plant grown outside over an entire season.

Although this is an OG Kush hybrid, the taste and aroma are not as pungent as many, containing elements of earth, pine, wood, nuts and even coffee. Mild, but pleasant, it produces a thick, rich smoke that quickly fills the room.

You can buy Bubba Kush feminized marijuana seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds, all with the very best stealth postage and packaging methods included in the price.

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Smoking Effects:
The strong, powerful effects are also enjoyed by recreational users, often to relax in the evening, and isn't the most sociable, 'party-inducing' strain..
Plant Features:
As with many Indica dominant strains, Bubba Kush plants produce squat, dense, bushy plants, capable of producing a number of main cola's, rather than one, large central one.
Medical Use:
Bubba Kush is a potent form of marijuana, with THC levels of approximately 22%. Often prescribed by medical marijuana dispensaries to help sufferers of insomnia, it can aid relaxation, reduce stress and increase the appetite
Strain details:
  • Plant type Feminized
  • 100% Indica
  • THC Level High 22%
  • CBD Low
  • Height Average
  • Yield 14 oz per square metre
  • Flowering period Average 56 days
  • Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical
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Guaranteed germination conditions:
If you follow the germination instructions exactly and your cannabis seeds do not germinate, then they will be replaced for free. If less then 50% do not germinate, I love growing marijuana will replace double those seeds in your next order. If more then 50% do not germinate, free replacement seeds will be send right away.
NOTICE: You may be asked to send back the ungerminated marijuana seeds.
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Bubba Kush Seeds

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Bubba Kush Seeds

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