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Situated in Mobile County, Mobile is the third most populated city in the state of Alabama with approximately 200,000 people. Located on the Mobile River, it’s Alabama’s only saltwater port and has been an important trading center for the area, dating back to as far as the early 1700’s. A cultural center, Mobile has several art museums and buildings of architecture significance, as well as a symphony orchestra, ballet and opera companies.

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Where Can I Buy Cannabis Seeds In Alabama?

The Complete White Widow Marijuana Seeds Grow Set

The laws in  Mobile, Alabama prohibit the possession of marijuana or cultivation of the marijuana plant. Buying or possessing the seeds however isn’t an offence, only once they are planted are any laws broken.

However, that doesn’t mean you will be able to buy marijuana seeds in Alabama in your local store, the most reliable option is to purchase them securely online from a reputable supplier. We offer a wide selection of marijuana seeds, containing both old classic and new, more potent strains.

With secure payment options, free guaranteed shipping to all parts of the USA, and the peace of mind you get when dealing with a top-class company, all our recommended feminized marijuana seeds for sale are shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the leading suppliers of high quality cannabis and marijuana seeds.

Offering everything from small, single strain packets to larger, bulk orders, we can cater for all growers from hobby enthusiasts to more commercial operations. View some of our mixed packets to add variety to your garden, or check-out the complete grow sets, providing everything you will need to produce a successful harvest.

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What Are The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana?

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Over the last decade studies have been performed to understand the medical benefits of marijuana, resulting in a number of States lifting their ban on the growing and

Clinical tests and trials have been undertaken on the benefits of medical marijuana for several decades now, and have shown some surprising results. Marijuana contains a large number of chemicals and compounds, the two primary being THC and CBD.

If you are considering buying marijuana seeds in Alabama for medical purposes, we offer a selection of feminized strains that have a lower THC and a higher CBD content, often preferred by medical marijuana patients. Alternatively, why not consider purchasing high quality CBD oil, proven to deliver medication without the need, or risk of growing marijuana plants in Alabama and breaking the law.

Produced using the highest quality hemp seeds, this CBD oil contains little, if any THC, making it perfect for daily use without affecting one’s abilities. The medical benefits of high quality CBD oil are being more and more documented, reducing the need for man-made pills and drugs. Find out more about buying CBD oil in Alabama.

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Trusted Marijuana Seedbank for Mobile, Alabama.

With a selection of the finest cannabis and marijuana seeds available, I Love Growing Marijuana are on of the USA’s leading suppliers. Enjoy the best customer service from purchase to harvest, ensuring every crop is a successful one.

Stealth packaging and shipping methods ensure that all our customers receive their purchases, and should they fail to arrive, for whatever reason, replacements will be shipped totally free of charge and without extra added costs.

Unlike many breeders, I Love Growing Marijuana guarantee each and every one of their seeds will germinate, and with thousands of happy, satisfied customers, returning again and again, you can trust us to deliver on our promises.

Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds

Blue Dream (Fem)

Blue Dream seeds are a Sativa dominant Haze variety with a Blueberry flavour and aroma requiring approximately ten weeks to completely mature.

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Buy Candy Kush Seeds

Candy Kush (Fem)

With its subtle aroma and sweet candy flavor, it can be a difficult strain to resist, and although recreational users enjoy its effects often prescribed by medical dispensaries.

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Autoflower 2.0 Mixpack Marijuana Seeds

Auto 2.0 Mixpack

Looking for fast, easy harvests? The Auto 2.0 mixpack pack offers three different autoflowering varieties, each feminized and guaranteed to germinate.

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With so many strains to choose from, take some time to decide upon the best strain for your needs, growing style and tastes. Choose from a selection of feminized and autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds, in a selection of pack sizes and prices. If you’re having trouble deciding, why not consider one of our variety packs. Each packet contains three different strains and is available in a range of pack sizes.

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