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Medicinal, recreational or just simply for profit, there are many different reasons why people start growing Marijuana, but they all hope to achieve the same thing; to germinate, cultivate and harvest a good amount of high quality Marijuana buds, with the minimum of time, fuss and effort.

“Quality Marijuana Plants Come From High Quality Seeds”

Marijuana seeds carry a genetic blueprint of the plant it will grow to become. Height, width, stretch, coloring, odor, taste and high are already predetermined, making it vital, that the Marijuana seeds you buy, are of the very best quality.

With our premium links to I Love Growing Marijuana, we are proud to offer you some of the finest Marijuana strains available, many in Feminized, Regular and Autoflowering versions. Choose a classic OG Kush or Sour Diesel. Looking for a ‘Cash-Crop’? try the Amnesia Haze, producing approximately 550 grams of delicious sweet, spicy Marijuana buds per square meter, or Big Bud with it’s musky flavor and Skunk heritage.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

You can buy Marijuana seeds online at a variety of good seed distributors and promoters, many are based in Amsterdam, such as I Love Growing Marijuana and work hard to produce the highest quality seeds and stable strains. So why should you buy Marijuana seeds online through us?

100% GUARANTEED DELIVERY, that’s one of the reasons Marijuana growers are returning again and again to purchase their seeds through us.  Buying Marijuana seeds online always runs the risk that your purchase may get mislaid in transit, stolen or even stopped by Customs on it’s way to you. There are a number of reasons why people don’t receive the seeds they purchased, including unscrupulous, rogue companies that don’t even dispatch them.

There are some companies that charge extra to guarantee delivery, while others charge more for ‘Stealth-Shipping’ offering a better chance of your seeds reaching their destination???


No Added Charges


All of the Feminized, Regular and Autoflowering Marijuana seeds offered through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana are sent to you in such a way that it’s beyond stealth, it’s Super-Stealth, and it’s totally FREE. Buy Marijuana seeds online through us here at, and not only will you enjoy stealth shipping, but right now you can get the Postage FREE TOO!

Quality Seeds Grow High Quality Marijuana

Buy Pineapple Haze Marijuana Seeds Over the last decade many new Marijuana seed companies have started producing their own seeds and strains. Many of these strains are copies of other seeds and can be unstable, containing different pheno-types, while displaying a variety of traits.

Unstable strains do not offer the grower even growth and uniform results. The genetics become mixed up, and instead of a group of Marijuana plants that are all about the same size, displaying similar attributes, growers have plants where the heights are uneven, buds display different characteristics, and generally are not the same.

This can be very disappointing when you buy Marijuana seeds online, if you ordered Sour Diesel Marijuana seeds you are expecting to grow nice even plants with that citrus-lemon-fuel taste. If the buds don’t taste as they should, then how can it be Sour Diesel? Flowering times can also vary with unstable strains, and instead of all the plants becoming mature around the same time, some may take a lot longer than others, especially where Indica and Sativa genetics have been badly blended together.

Unlike many of the ‘modern-day’ Marijuana seed producers, when you buy Marijuana seeds online from I Love Growing Marijuana, you’re buying from a company based in Amsterdam, producing only the finest seeds for export to their customers. They do not offer an every growing list of strains, preferring instead to focus on providing the best and most popular Marijuana strains, with the most stable genetics.

By careful selection and superior, stable genetics, they GUARANTEEthat the Marijuana seeds you select and purchase not only arrive at their destination, but will 100% germinate and produce the stable strains of Marijuana you chose, and if for some reason they fail to germinate, your seeds will be replaced, totally free of charge.

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online And Grow Like A Pro

Growing Marijuana is a skill that can take years to learn. Knowing how to ‘read’ a plant for early symptoms and problems can be vital in producing the maximum weight and quality that your plants can achieve.

Problems and mistakes can lead to diminished returned, and these problems can begin right from the start, especially if you are unsure of the best methods to grow Marijuana either indoors, or outside during the growing seasons.

Under-watering can easily be spotted by the weak, drooping leaves, but you also need to look for signs of over-watering which can be just as detrimental to your plants as the roots ‘drown,’ starving them of necessary oxygen. Nutrient deficiencies display a wide number of symptoms, and can sometimes be caused not by a lack of a certain nutrients, but due to too much of another, with Nitrogen over-dosing being one of the most common.

Feeding the right nutrients to your Marijuana plants at the right time, is paramount to achieving a good harvest of high quality bud, and learning how to tell if your plants are suffering from any over or under-feeding issues will help you achieve this. Buy Marijuana seeds online through us, and the customer support team will answer any concerns or growing issues you many enccounter.

The Internet Is Full Of Mis-Information.

While the internet is a great source of knowledge, it can sometimes be difficult to know which articles are right, and which contain bad advice. Growing 1 good plant does not make an expert. Unless, as a grower, you have experienced problems such as; root rot, bud rot, spider-mites, nutrient deficiencies and environmental issues, how will you know they are occurring, or how to deal with, and solve the problem? Do you want to trust something you read, written by someone who doesn’t know the plants you’re growing?

Nutrient Deficiencies In Marijuana Plants


People do not buy Marijuana seeds online because they want the seeds, they buy Marijuana seeds online to begin growing their own Marijuana! Not only do I Love growing Marijuana ensure all their seeds are perfect, guaranteeing delivery and 100% germination, every grower, whether new or experienced, can download the Robert Bergman Marijuana Grow Bible totally FREE.

The Marijuana Grow Bible contains all the information you will need to grow successful Marijuana crops time after time. Remove all the guess-work, all the worry. If your plants are displaying any deficiencies, such as the one’s above, simply refer to the Marijuana Grow Bible and take the corrective actions.

No more guess work, no more worry. Allowing your Marijuana plants to grow without addressing these issues and nutrient deficiencies, is not only harmful to your plant, it WILL DRAMATICALLY REDUCE YOUR YIELD!