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Maui Wowie Medical Marijuana Seeds.

A true Hawaiian Sativa dominant strain with a sweet pineapple aroma and flavor.

Maui Wowie Seeds Review
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Strain: Maui Wowie

Plant Type: Feminized

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  • Maui Wowie Feminized Seeds

Maui Wowie Seeds

All our Maui Wowie seeds are feminized, guaranteeing a pure female marijuana plant from each seed purchased. Originally developed as an outdoor strain, it can also be successfully grown indoors using techniques such as the Screen-of-Green method, topping and bending.

Flowering indoors requires approximately 9 weeks, or 63 days, while full maturity is achieved during the first weeks of October when cultivated outside. The buds are large and fairly dense, especially for a Sativa dominant strain, with the aroma and flavor of fresh pineapples and tropical citrus fruits.

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Smoking Effects:
Maui Wowie is an 80% Sativa dominant marijuana strain originating from the islands of Hawaii. The seeds produce a tall plant, best grown outdoors and exposed to long sunny days with plenty of direct sunlight. An easy form of marijuana to cultivate, requiring little previous experience or knowledge to produce a high quality harvest.
Plant Features:
Grown outdoors over an entire season, Maui Wowie can produce very large, high quality harvests with weights varying depending upon climate, environment, feeds and experience. Indoor growers, employing super-cropping techniques, can expects yields of approximately 400 grams per square meter.
Medical Use:
The Sativa effects are evident when smoked, generating an uplifting, energizing high that leaves the user feeling invigorated and creative. Originally formulated by the 'hippies' of the late 1960's, the 20% THC content and 0.2 CBD levels, appeal to both medical and recreational users alike.
Strain details:
  • Plant type Feminized
  • 80% Sativa 20% Indica
  • THC Level 15%
  • CBD Medium
  • Height Tall
  • Yield High 14 oz per square metres
  • Flowering period Average 56 days
  • Good for Indoor, Outdoor, Medical
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Guaranteed germination conditions:
If you follow the germination instructions exactly and your cannabis seeds do not germinate, then they will be replaced for free. If less then 50% do not germinate, I love growing marijuana will replace double those seeds in your next order. If more then 50% do not germinate, free replacement seeds will be send right away.
NOTICE: You may be asked to send back the ungerminated marijuana seeds.
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Maui Wowie Seeds

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