Buying Marijuana Seeds In California

Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds In California

Buy Marijuana Seeds In California

Buying Marijuana Seeds In California

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With all residents over the age of twenty-one legally able to grow their own recreational and medical marijuana, a whole generation of new growers are looking for good quality marijuana seeds and detailed information on how to produce the best plants and buds. We offer a wide selection of seeds and strains, suitable for all levels of experience, as well as all the help, information and support you may require to achieve a generous, potent harvest. Buying marijuana seeds in California is quick, easy and secure through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading marijuana seed producers and suppliers, and with the very best ‘stealth’ postage and packaging methods, completely guaranteed to arrive, or replaced will be dispatched as soon as possible and without charge. Before you buy marijuana seeds in California online, here are some answers to common questions we often get asked, to help you choose the best strains and correct seeds for your style of growing.

Which Marijuana Seeds Should I Buy To Grow In California?

Marijuana and Cannabis seeds are very easy to grow and may be planted either outdoors during the correct seasons, or, alternatively indoors within a purpose built area. Certain strains however, grow better when planted outdoors, depending upon the strain’s genetics and characteristics. A wide number of outdoor growers buy Sativa dominant strains which enjoy the gentle, natural reduction in sunlight hours and require more time to bud and completely mature than seeds containing Indica dominant genes.

A lot of successful growers sow their marijuana seeds outdoors during the early part of the Spring, allowing the plants a long and full vegetative period. As the hours of natural daylight increasing through June, the plants have plenty of time to become taller, creating a strong branching structure that can support the developing buds. Many Sativa dominant plants can reach up to 2 meters tall, taking-on an almost tree-like shape, which begins to flower as the sunlight hours start to decrease, reaching peak ripeness during the middle to late September, and even early October for some strains.

Indoor grown Marijuana often produces the best quality buds, as well as providing several yields throughout the year. Many marijuana seed growers will germinate and vegetate the plants for just a few weeks before changing their lights to a twelve-twelve ratio, inducing the first stages of flowering. A number of differing techniques have been developed to assist the indoor grower generate greater yields while maintaining the fastest harvest possible, these include Sea-of-Green (SOG), Screen-of-Green (SCROG), Super-Cropping, Bending and Topping.

Buy Regular Or Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana seeds are naturally deciduous, with each seed genetically programmed to produce either a male or female plant when germinated and allowed to grow. The average female marijuana plant is capable of producing thousands of seeds once pollinated by a male plant, but nature maintains balance, with a natural mix of fifty percent male and fifty percent female seeds on average. Seeds that can produce either a male or female plant are referred to as Regular marijuana seeds.

It wasn’t until recently, around the late 1970’s, that studies conducted in Amsterdam lead to the creation of feminized marijuana seeds, seeds that were totally devoid of any male chromosomes, and guaranteed to produce female-only plants. This feminization of marijuana seeds has led to the creation of a wide number of strains, and as the seeds produced all bare similar characteristics and traits, it’s far easier to determine the flavor, aroma, length of flowering time and expected yield from the plants created from these seeds. Purchasing good quality feminized marijuana seeds affords the buyer the comfort and guarantee that each seed will produce a female plant with the attributes they desire, wasting no time growing worthless males.

With California amending their laws to allow the possession and cultivation of a set number of plants for personal use, it’s important that each of the marijuana seeds you germinate produces a worthwhile plant. As it’s impossible to know the sex of marijuana plants before they begin flowering, the guarantee that the limited number of plants you are legally able to grow, produces the biggest and best quality harvests possible, is paramount to your success.

Sativa, Indica or Hybrid Marijuana Seeds?

Generally, sativa marijuana seeds produce taller plants with a ‘tree-like’ structure that can often reach over two meters tall when grown naturally outdoors. The plants tend to stretch as they commence flowering, producing long ‘running’ buds and cola’s that can require a lengthy flowering period. Although sativa marijuana seeds can be grown indoors, height reducing techniques such as bending, topping and super-cropping are often utilized to reduce these issues, grown outdoors in a warm, sunny climate, sativa marijuana seeds often produce the largest ‘per-plant’ yields and harvests.

Indica marijuana seeds are better suited to either indoor growing, or growing in more northerly states and locations. Their hardy nature produces much smaller plants that develop into a ‘bush-like’ shape, rather than growing straight up and tree-like. The lateral branches are generally closer together and stronger, able to develop and support multiple buds and cola’s, which are often heavier and more dense than sativa produced buds. Due to the shorter Summer’s and harsh winds in it’s natural environment, indica marijuana plants usually mature much quicker and produce more resin across the budding sites to attract passing male pollen.

A lot of the most common and popular marijuana seeds currently available contain both indica and sativa genes, making them hybrid marijuana strains. These new marijuana seeds would never have been created naturally, as the two sets of plants would have grown thousands of miles apart. However, selective breeding programs have created many exciting strains that contain some of the best elements of both sets of marijuana families, and offer a wide diversity of tastes, aromas and effects, many suitable for either medical or recreational use.

Growing Marijuana Indoor Or Outdoor’s In California?

For many people, planting marijuana seeds outside in California, either directly into the soil, or in a pot, is their first experience of growing marijuana , and while some growers go on to develop indoor growing rooms and purpose built areas, others prefer to focus on planting marijuana seeds outdoors during the growing season to provide for their needs. Indoor growing rooms are able to create almost any conditions, and are usually well lit and ventilated to provide the best environment possible. Outdoor growers however have to rely on nature to supply more of the plants needs, and so must consider a range of different options.

A lot of outdoor marijuana growers in California are buying autoflowering seeds for their Summer grow. Very simple, easy to grow, and able to flower, bud and completely mature, whatever hours of daylight or darkness they receive, making them the best marijuana seeds for discreet, outdoor Summer growing. Autoflowering marijuana strains are often referred to as ‘throw-and-grow’ usually being one of the easiest forms of marijuana to grow. Their ability to develop and flower simultaneously reduces the overall time needed from seed to maturity and can be harvested after approximately twelve weeks from germination. Although the yields are very much smaller, the ease and speed that these plants grow, allows for many smaller harvests from as soon as the middle of July onward.

Sowing a variety of autoflowering, Indica and some longer flowering Sativa dominant strains early in the season can often generate an abundance of potent and high quality marijuana buds throughout the second half of the Summer and early Fall. Cannabis growers living in southern states enjoy a much longer growing season then growers who live towards the north, and so their cannabis seed selection should take this into account. Autoflowering seeds might be the only option to grow marijuana in colder northern states, while southern outdoor growers plant autoflowering seeds and strains for quick harvests over their longer growing season, often achieving multiple harvests using feminized autoflowering marijuana seeds, instead of producing one crop of large plants towards the end of September, beginning of October.

I’m New To Growing Marijuana Seeds In California, Advice?

Although all marijuana seeds require similar care and conditions, differences between strains make some seeds a better choice for new and novice growers than others. Lacking in previous experience doesn’t mean low quality yields or poor harvests, especially if you select the right strains and receive the correct information on how to grow them. The internet is full of different views on the best ways to grow marijuana , from the traditional outdoor growers who talk about ‘natural weed’ to the aeroponic commercial growers, producing hundreds of clones at a time. Every grower uses different combinations of nutrients, conditions and techniques, all hoping that their plants will be the best they have ever grown.

If you are new to the world of marijuana seeds and growing, all the different opinions can sometimes be confusing. Do you cut the leaves off, or leave them on? How do i maximize the yields? What are the early signs the plants have a problem or concern? Often searching the internet for an answer leads to more confusion, as a number of differing views are displayed. Finding the right answer amid the many, can often be down to luck, however, the people who created the seeds are often approachable and happy to help their customers achieve the best harvests possible from their strains. Whether you decide to buy marijuana seeds in California through us, or another website, our free, no obligation downloads containing all the information you need to achieve a successful harvest.

How Do I Achieve Bigger Harvests?

New growers often get carried away with the projected yields from marijuana seeds, focusing on what the plants may be capable of generating, more than the quality and ease with which it can be produced. For many, excitement is often followed by disappointment, as the resulting yields fail to live up to the expected amounts, and growers are left wondering how to achieve these per square meter yields that the seeds are quoted as capable of producing. If you are growing marijuana seeds outdoors in California, or in less than ideal conditions, achieving the top-end of these projected harvest figures will be almost impossible. For those growers with a climate controlled, purpose built area, these harvest weights can be achieved by using one of two different techniques, depending upon the choice of marijuana seeds and strain.

Maximizing the yield from any area requires each plant to produce healthy buds, and as only feminized marijuana seeds guarantee female plants, they are always the preferred option. Achieving the maximum weight of buds from any given space, large or small, requires using one of two techniques, either Screen-of-Green (SCROG) or Sea-of-Green (SOG) both different, but designed to achieve similar results and returns.

Using either of these highly established methods and techniques will help to maximize the overall total yield from your growing area. The main aim is to reduce the amount of empty space between the plants and their buds, forming, almost one large bush with multiple buds and cola’s. If you are limited to planting only a few marijuana seeds, the Screen-of-Green method is best as it can fill any size area, it just takes longer. While planting more marijuana seeds closer together, as with the Sea-of-Green technique, produces virtually the same yield, but is far quicker to harvest and requires less time, skill and effort.

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