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Autoflowering Seeds

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Of the many many varieties of Marijuana available, Autoflowering Seeds are the youngest, and latest to emerge onto the Marijuana Seeds world. For many people, Autoflowering Seeds were seen as a gimmick and not something that could be grown with any real success or produce high quality Marijuana suitable for Medical use. Unlike Regular or Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds do not require the extended and dedicated hours of darkness necessary traditional Marijuana Plants to flower, in fact the opposite is true, the more hours of sunlight these Autoflowering seeds receive, the more vibrant they will grow, making them the perfect Marijuana Seeds for the outdoor grower.

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Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds have been slowly gaining in recognition for the last 30 years, which may be a surprise to many Marijuana growers and smokers who may have believed that Autoflowering Seeds were a new development within the world of Marijuana Seeds, and had only recently been introduced into the Marijuana Seed library’s and collections. With many of the very best and most well known Marijuana Seed breeders developing their own versions of Autoflowering Seeds, it is of no surprise that the overall quality has increased and improved dramatically from those early pioneering days, developing Autoflowering Seeds.

Lowryder Seeds Promotion The origins of Autoflowering Seeds can be traced back to a Marijuana Strain known, and still available today. This first true Autoflowering Strain was named Lowryder by its creator, The Joint Doctor. The name Lowryder was incorporated to infer to it’s short and compact nature, making it an ideal choice where height was a concern.

During the next twenty years the development into Autoflowering Seeds was slow, and very few Marijuana Seed banks or breeders saw a great deal of demand for any new strains of Autoflowering Seeds. However, due to developments with the genetics, a few select Marijuana Seeds Compnay’s began to delve deeper into the characteristics of Autoflowering Seeds, and slowly they began to introduce these latest releases into their collections, along with the Regular and Feminized Marijuana Seeds they they had already developed.

Barneys Farm Autoflowering Seeds

The last few years has seen the greatest increase in Autoflowering Seeds, with almost all of the very best, and most popular Marijuana Seeds breeders offering a complete collection, including Autoflowering Seeds, it may be hard to resist. Many of the best loved Marijuana Seeds are now available as Autoflowering Seeds, offering you the widest choice and diversity of tastes, smells and high’s. With so much choice now on offer, it’s no wonder that Autoflowering Seeds have exploded in popularity over the last few years.

Buddha Seeds Autoflowering

The main benefit in growing Autoflowering Seeds is their ability to flower regardless of  the amount of light hours the Marijuana plants receive. In fact, most Autoflowering Seeds require at least 18 hours of daylight, or artificial light, per day to obtain reasonable results, with many Autoflowering Seeds requiring up to 20 hours. This can be of major benefit to the outdoor Marijuana Seed grower, as they no longer need to worry about light penetration during the dark photo-period hours.

Dinafem Autoflowering Seeds

It is because of their dynamic ability to flower regardless of extended , or disturbed light hours, that mant European Marijuana growers have begun to grow Autoflowering Seeds, benefiting from the abundance of free sunshine   and air that would have to have been induced in an indoor growroom. With the ease of growing that Autoflowering Seeds offer, it’s no wonder they are beginning to carve out their own section within the Marijuana Seeds currently on offer.

Sweet Seeds Autoflowering

Through our contacts with The Original Seed Company, we are able to offer you the widest possible choice in Autoflowering Seeds, shipped discreetly around the world. Whether it’s to America, the United Kingdom or various parts of Europe, we can provide first-class, secure shipment of your Autoflowering Seeds as well as Regular and Feminized Marijuana Seeds right here. If you are OVER 18 and are interested in the most up-to-date and comprehensive collection of Regular, Pick nMix, Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds.

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White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds from Buddha Seeds

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White Dwarf Autoflowering Seeds.

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One of the foundations for many Autoflowering strains is the Buddha Seeds White Dwarf. Like all of theAutoflowering seeds currently available, the Buddha Seeds White Dwarf flowers under any photoperiod, even 24 hours of constant light, making it ideal for corners of the vegative area, where the four corners can be put to productive use, growing and maturing quality Cannabis and Marijuana buds, while under a 24 hour photoperiod.

The basis of the White Dwarf is the crossing of two Indica Marijuana plants, and subsequently incorporating the autoflowering gene from the ruderalis, producing the basis of many future autoflowering seeds and strains. Buddha Seeds White Dwarf flowers and matures in approximately 8 weeks, making it an ideal cash crop plant to incorporate into any well lit area. These dwarf Marijuana plants are capable of producing relatively high yields in a much shorter space of time than their Feminized counter-parts.

Buddha Seeds White Dwarf shows a good tolerance for mould and Spider mite problems, making it an ideal choice for many beginners, and with no photoperiod to worry about, the chances of successfully growing the Marijuana plant to full maturity are greatly enhanced, Autoflowering Seeds are far easier to grow than their Regular or Feminized counter-parts.

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