Cement Shoes Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Crop King Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Cement Shoes Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cement Shoes Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A strange name for an extraordinary strain, these Cement Shoes Feminized Marijuana seeds induce a powerful high leaving you feeling euphoric for the entire day. Enjoy potent THC levels and long-lasting effects.

Perfect for growing indoors, these feminized seeds produce the strongest female plants. Slightly Indica dominant, its balanced genetics produce tall plants with strong branches capable of holding the weight of its large, dense buds.

Cement Shoes Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale produce beautiful looking buds with huge bag-appeal. The dense, trichome-coated buds have an aroma of wood and slight lemon, with a delicious berry-like flavor.

Flowering times are average, between 8 – 10 weeks, with the shorter times achieved by indoor growers. Although these feminized seeds can be cultivated outdoors, they require a warm sunny climate. Growing them indoors in Canada will generating larger, heavy yields.

Cement Shoes Marijuana Strain Review.

Created from a high-quality OG Kush crossed with Animal Cookies, these Cement Shoes Feminized Marijuana seeds are great for the indoor grower. Easy to grow plants with good yields and huge bag-appeal make the strain a ‘cash-crop’ dream.

Although its an Indica dominant strain, it contains a good percentage of Sativa genes, leading to a taller than average plant, reaching up to 140 cm when untrained. Strong branches make it ideal for Screen-of-Green growing techniques, learn more by downloading the free Marijuana Grow Guide.

Flowering begins once the plants receive 12 hours of undisturbed darkness per night and continues for 8 – 10 weeks, until the plants achieve peak ripeness and maturity. Indoor growers should set their lights to a 12/12 on-off cycle to achieve maximum yields and the highest quality buds.

Once dried and cured the buds have a woody-earthy aroma with a slight hint of lemon. The flavor is fruity and sweet with a citrus after-taste that remains on the tongue. Indoor yields are impressive, with these Cement Shoes Feminized Marijuana seeds producing up to 500 grams per square meter given ideal conditions.

With a THC level of 18% – 21% the high is fast-acting with long-lasting effects. The combination of Indica and Sativa genes induce a relaxing body-stoned sensation. While the Sativa element creates an uplifting and creative feeling. Great for day and night use, relaxing and stimulating whatever the occasion.

  • Slightly Indica dominant strain.
  • Flowering time 8 – 10 weeks on average.
  • Yields of 500 grams indoors and up to 600 grams outdoors.
  • THC content 18% – 21%.
  • Calming and relaxing, uplifting and creative high.
  • Can reduce pain, stress, depression and anxiety.

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Cement Shoes Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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