Cinderella 99 x Tangilope

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Cinderella 99 X Tangilope Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cinderella 99 x Tangilope Feminized Marijuana Seeds

What an exciting and tantalizing taste-bud explosion this new and exciting hybrids offers. A combination of three different Sativa strains come together with the creation of these Cinderella 99 x Tangilope Feminized Marijuana seeds for sale.

A superb choice for new, novice growers, its natural resilience to pests, molds and disease make it easy to grow and forgiving in nature. You can enjoy growing your own high-quality Marijuana buds with these fantastic pure-female seeds.

A highly adaptive strain that can grow both indoors within a purpose-built growing area, or outside in warm, sunny climates. Its longer flowering cycle, often maturing in early October, means growing outdoors in Canada isn’t advised.

Combining three highly popular and aromatic strains was always going to produce something a little special. These Cinderella 99 x Tangilope Feminized Marijuana seeds don’t disappoint! Expect beautiful looking, hard, dense buds with a sweet citrus aroma and mouth-watering flavors.

Cinderella 99 x Tangilope Strain Review.

Containing genetics from the infamous Cinderella 99 strain, crossed with a Tangie/Chocolope hybrid has created a plant with easy-to-grow characteristics. Tall, with an average 8 – 10 week flowering cycle, it can provide good yields of large, dense buds.

Three fantastic strains rolled into one, perfect Feminized Marijuana seed, what’s not to like? Completely feminized and stable, capable of producing its best harvests using a range of growing techniques.

As with all traditional Marijuana seeds, growth and flowering are split into two different cycles. Planted outdoors at the end of Spring, the plants will grow and develop new leaves and branches throughout the Summer months. As soon as the daylight hours reduce to below 12 hours per day, the plants will naturally begin to flower.

Indoor growers should set their lights to an 18/6 on-off cycle during the vegetative stage, and employ a selection of super-cropping and advanced growing methods to help generate an even canopy. Switching the lights to a 12/12 on-off cycle will immediately induce flowering and promote the best growth and bud development through to complete maturity.

These Cinderella 99 x Tangilope Feminized Marijuana seeds require 8 – 10 weeks to fully flower and mature. The buds have a sweet citrus lemon and orange aroma, while the flavor incorporates a sharp chocolate after-taste that lingers in your mouth. THC levels of 16% – 20% induce a positive and energizing high. Perfect for day-time use.

  • Sativa dominant strain.
  • Flowering time 8 – 10 weeks.
  • Yields of 350 grams indoors and 350 grams outdoors.
  • THC content 16% – 20%.
  • Energizing and stimulating high.
  • Can reduce fatigue, pain, headaches and migraines.

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Cinderella 99 x Tangilope

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Cinderella 99 X Tangilope Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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