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Cream Of The Crop Seeds - Cream Cheese

•Genetics: UK skunk X Afghani
•Genotype: Indica/Sativa
•Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor
•Yield: Approx 400g/m2 indoor & 650g/m2 outdoor
•Flowering Time: Approx 50-60 days
•Mould/Pest resistance: Medium
•THC: 15%
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Cream Of The Crop Cream Cheese has that heavy, old School flavour but with a rich, nutty undertones. Enjoyed by many, this the gourmet’s choice.

Cream Cheese displays typical cheese characteristics – like stinking to high heavens, but has a moorish, buttery and very smooth aftertaste.

Big, dense, cheesy yields offer an uplifting, zero gravity high that all fall in love with after their first smoke.


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