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Cream Of The Crop Seeds - Custard Cream

•Genetics: Afghani X Nepalese hash plant X Hawaiian
•Genotype: Mainly Indica
•Suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor
•Yield: Approx 400g/m2 indoor & 550g/m2 outdoor
•Flowering time: Approx 65-70 days
•Mould/Pest resistance: Medium
•THC: 20%
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Cream Of The Crop Seeds Custard Cream reminds us of that all-time classic, the kick-ass Custard Cream.

This girl is a real treat and goes perfect with a cuppa tea!

Her buds develop into huge, pungent colas that harbour an ultra sugary sweet vanilla taste. Sticky and coated with resin these buds are a joy to look at.

The smoke is soft and hashy, which complements the sweetness well, and the high THC levels supply a strong cerebral high and appetite stimulation, who doesn’t love a custard cream?


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