Crystal Medical Marijuana Seeds

Crystal Medical Marijuana Seeds


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Crystal Marijuana Seeds


Complete Crystal Medical Marijuana Seeds Review.

Crystal Medical Marijuana seeds are a blend of 60% dominant Indica together with 40% Sativa genes, creating a highly potent hybrid Marijuana strain. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growers, as well as soil or hydroponic set-ups, these feminized Marijuana seeds are a great choice for all but complete beginners.

Devoid of all male chromosomes, these feminized Crystal Medical Marijuana seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing only pure female plants. Marijuana seeds produce either a male or female plant. While the females grow flowers and buds, the males produce pollen for fertilization. A single male can pollinate large numbers of female plants, sending them from bud to seed production. Feminized seeds eliminate the need to sex your plants, and the wasted time and effort growing males.

Crystal Medical Marijuana seeds produce strong, vibrant plants, perfect for Screen-of-Green growing techniques. The long branches produce a uniform, even canopy, with multiple budding sites capable of generating large, swollen buds. Mature heights vary, depending upon conditions, environment and technique, with plants averaging between 60 cm – 180 cm tall when fully mature. Grown indoors we recommend either reducing the vegetative period to just a few weeks to control the height, or use a selection of techniques such as Screen-of-Green (SCROG) growing, Super-cropping, bending, staking or topping to reduce the overall height, as well as increasing the overall yield.

If you would like to learn more about these techniques, or how to grow Marijuana, download the free Marijuana Grow Guide at the top of the page. Packed full of information, techniques and tips on how to achieve the best quality and quantity from your Marijuana seeds, and totally free, without any obligation. Learn to grow like a pro, save time and effort researching with this complete growers guide covering everything you need to know about growing Marijuana.

With an average flowering time of 65 days, Crystal Marijuana seeds produce large dense buds with an extremely generous coating of resin. Well-known for its ‘crystal’ shine and hard, swollen colas, it produces very high quality yields, producing an average of 450 grams of dried, highly potent buds per square meter. Experience, ideal conditions and yield maximizing techniques can all help to increase the overall yield for indoor growers, while the longer vegetative period and natural daylight reduction enjoyed by outdoor growers during the Spring, Summer and Fall, can produce much larger individual plants and total yields.

The low leaf to bud ratio makes harvesting and manicuring Crystal Marijuana quick and easy, while the resin coated trim is ideal for making Cannabis butter or other edibles from. A great strain for medical Marijuana growers and recreational users alike.

Crystal Strain Flavour

Crystal Medical Marijuana Flavor

Crystal Medical Marijuana has a subtle flavor and aroma with hints of sweet citrus fruits and earthy undertones. Hard, dense buds are almost hair-less, but covered in sparkling resin, hence the name Crystal. Great bag-appeal with a pleasant, satisfying flavor.

Crystal Strain Effects

Crystal Medical Marijuana Effects

Crystal Medical Marijuana is extremely potent and not for light users. The fast acting effects produce a highly euphoric, uplifted sensation that leaves the user feeling relaxed, happy and content. High THC levels of 25% together with high CBD levels induce a long-lasting high, without the tired, drowsy feeling that many Indica dominant hybrid strains can induce. A highly prized and sought after Medical Marijuana strain, great for daytime use or creating stimulating conversations with friends.

Crystal Strain Medical Uses

Crystal Medical Marijuana Uses

Crystal Medical Marijuana is a highly potent strain enjoyed by both medicinal and recreational users alike. One of the strongest strains available, it can assist with reducing stress, depression and anxiety, as well as being a powerful, natural pain relieving agent.

You can buy Crystal Medical Marijuana seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds. World-wide postage and super-stealth packaging are included in the price, and delivery is guaranteed. To find out more about buying Crystal Medical Marijuana seeds online, click below.

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