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NEW DNA Genetics LA Chocolat Seeds

LA Chocolat from DNA Genetics is a hybrid strain comprising of two of the very best and highest awarded Cannabis Seeds from DNA Genetics, Chocolope and LA Confidential. Both of these two highly prized strains of Marijuana have combined to generate one of the best Cannabis seeds DNA Genetics have produced, and in feminized Marijuana Seeds form.

Both Chocolope and LA Confidential contain and display many many good attributes, Chocolope is is often grown for its abundant yields, a devastating and well know variety for commercial growers. While LA Confidential is regarded as one of the strongest types of Medical Marijuana currently available from the Medical Marijuana dispensaries, and commands some of the most expensive prices in the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

Through selective breeding and by identifying the right phenotype, DNA Genetics LA Chocolat provides abundant yields of very strong, medical grade Marijuana.

Requiring a photo period of only eight weeks, or fifty-six days, LA Chocolat is a quick flowering feminized Cannabis strain with a high calyx to leaf ratio, perfect for indoor Sea-of-Green or Screen-of-Green techniques.

Overal height is easily managed, predominately because of the decreased elongation of the main stem and branches through selecting the phenotype with the classic LAConfidential growing shape and structure, grown in a Sea-of-Green technique should easily produce big yields of high quality Cannabis buds.

Once completely matured, only needing eight weeks, quick enough for even the most impatient Marijuana gardener, DNA Genetics LA Chocolate maintains the deep earthy, rich chocolate taste and aroma associated with Chocolope from DNA Genetics, while keeping the fruity undertones produced by the medicinal LA Confidential.

Recent test have shown that LA Chocolate from DNA Genetics is a recommended Medical Marijuana strain that can be good for pain relief and acts as an appetite stimulation for both chemotherapy and cancer suffers.

Available now in packs of 3 and 6 feminized Marijuana Seeds

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