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DNA Genetics LA Confidential

Formed on the Californian West Coast, DNA Genetics Seeds set up in the heart of the Marijuana Seed business, Amsterdam later, in 2003 building a reputation for supplying quality Marijuana Seeds. Since then they have successful promoted their reputation and collection of both Regular and Feminized Marijuana Seeds to a global market. The move became a complete success and promoted the DNA Genetics Seeds to a world-wide audience.

DNA Genetics LA Confidential

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A well known strain, DNA Genetics Seeds LA Confidential is notoriously well known within the Medical Marijuana community, providing one of the very best strains for the relief of pain and insomnia.  Participate in a smoke of this strain and expect to immediately feel the effects, if DNA Genetics LA Confidential were a boxer you would be fighting both Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko at the same time. Be in no doubt DNA Genetics LA Confidential is psychedelic with a knock-out punch.

You can buy DNA Genetics LA Confidential as Single Seeds, 6, or 13 packs, DNA Genetics LA Confidential is mature in 55-60 days from the onset of flowering, making it a relatively fast  Marijuana strain to grow. Many indoor Marijuana growers have found that maximizing the growth time is fundamental in producing the heavy yields necessary to supply demand within the American Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

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Super-cropping techniques are often employed to enhance the overall yield, many of these can be learn quickly in the best online guide to growing marijuana Ebook that can be purchased on the right hand side of the page. Many people do not feel they need a guide to growing Marijuana, however, with super-cropping techniques and tips on improving the quality of your weed, this book pays for itself from your very first plant.Learn more about the best way to grow Marijuana Seeds by investing in your own personal guide.

Predominately DNA Genetics LA Confidential is so highly sought after, not just for the quantity it produces, although that is easily, if not slightly more than average, but for its outstanding smell, unique flavor and high. Users all report a strong, narcotic euphoric feeling, with incredibly long lasting effects.

Commanding some of the highest prices in the West Coast Dispensaries, DNA Genetics LA Confidential is highly sought after and rare strain, often out of stock. If you are looking for the very best in genuine original Marijuana Seeds, direct from your chosen breeder it is often worth waiting.

We only promote the very oldest and most well established Marijuana Seed supplier, The Original Sensible Seeds Company. Established over 12 years ago, they have an enviable reputation that has supplied happy customers for over a decade with the very best and latest high quality Marijuana Seeds from seed breeders all across the world.

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DNA Genetics LA Confidential

When they are out of stock, others should be too!! Beware of fake seeds, they do exists. Cheaper seeds, not from your chosen breeder, just in copied, similar packaging. We only promote the Original Sensible Seed Company and can guarantee that the Marijuana Seeds you order, are the ones you will receive.

Currently there are stocks of DNA Genetics LA Confidential seeds available for purchase in both the Regular and Feminized versions, although how long these stocks will last is purely down to demand.

If you don’t want to miss out on growing your own DNA Genetics LA Confidential marijuana plants, order your Marijuana Seeds today from the most respected and reputable stockists of DNA Genetics LA Confidential seeds on the internet.

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