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One of the latest Marijuana teams to come from the Spanish mainland are Sweet Seeds. Offering a variety of Autoflowering and Feminized Marijuana Seeds, Sweet Seeds offer a selection of over thirty different seeds and strains. Already popular in Europe and mainland Spain, despite winning several Expo’s and Spannabis Cups, Sweet Seeds are relatively unknown in the USA.

As the demand for Autoflowering seeds has been growing, and their yields getting better both in quality and quantity, it is of no surprise that many American growers are now turning their attention to growing fast-flowering Auto Seeds. These are much easier to grow, and without the worry of light pollution, Autoflowering seeds are a great Marijuana strain to begin the Summer.

Unlike Regular and Feminized Marijuana seeds, Autoflowering seeds are not controlled by the hours of darkness they receive in order to start flowering. Due to the Ruderalis gene, which is a form of wild Marijuana, Auto Seeds naturally begin to flower at approximately two weeks old, regardless of the hours of darkness they receive.

Autoflowering seeds first started with Williams Wonder, which was subsequently back-crossed by the Joint Doctor to create the original Low Ryder strain. Although the returns from this strain was pretty low, it had the affect of slowly introducing the Marijuana world to the possibility of next generation seeds, which required little or no darkness, perfect for outdoor growers in countries where the daylight hours make flowering Regular or Feminized Marijuana seeds in the Summer, impossible.

Almost all of the most most well known Marijuana seed companies now have incorporated a selection of Autoflowering seeds within their collection, in fact for some companies, Autoflowering seeds are the major Marijuana Seeds supplied. Sweet Seeds offer a selection, comprising of over thirty different seeds and strains, including a collection of Feminized and Autoflowering Marijuana seeds.

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All Sweet Seeds Marijuana seeds are hand selected before packaging, ensuring that only the highest quality seeds are dispatched to their customers. With world-wide delivery, together with a price match guarantee promising you the very cheapest, genuine Marijuana Seeds online, why not consider sowing a selection of Sweet Seeds for this years Summer harvest. By purchasing a variety of fast-flowering Auto Flowering Seeds together with a assortment of Feminized, you will be harvesting as quick as 50 days from now, and continue to harvest high quality Marijuana all Summer as well as into the Autumn.

Sweet Seeds Speed Devil was the first feminized Autoflowering seed produced by Sweet Seeds in 2009 and has been highly prized ever since. A super fast strain that is ready for harvest in 60 days from germination producing heavily resinous and aromatic buds. Growth remains short and compact, reaching less than a meter in height, although this lack of height is compensated for by the number of lateral branches. All Sweet Seeds Speed Devil are sold as Feminized Autoflowering Seeds, and can be purchased as complete packets, or as Single Seeds.

Sweet Seeds Fast Bud is for those people who want their Marijuana plants fast, Sweet Seeds Fast Bud is the ultimate. Highly sought after in mainland Spain, this Autoflowering strain is probably the fastest producing Marijuana strain, capable of returning high quality Marijuana in super fast times. Displaying Indica growing traits, Sweet Seeds Fast Bud remains short and squat all the way to maturity, producing an abundance of side branches upon which appear magnificent fat, juicy colas, glistening with THC rich resin. Lovers of the Diesel strains will be rewarded with that customary chemical taste.

Together with a complete selection of Autoflowering seeds, Sweet Seeds also has a wide variety of Feminized Marijuana seeds in its collection. With over thirty different seeds and strains to choose from, selecting one or two to review is always a difficult choice. Over the last three years Sweet Seeds have expanded their Marijuana seed collection to incorporate new and exciting strains such as Wild Roses and Sweet Thai, Psicodelicia and Snow Fruit. All of these new strains are extremely stable and offer tempting new varieties for the Marijuana grower.

Sweet Seeds Jack 47 is the splicing together two all-time favorites, Jack Herer and AK 47, Sweet Seeds Jack 47 is considered by many to be one of the best strains available. Combining huge yields with mind-blowing strength was always going to be a winner, however, Sweet Seeds surpassed even their own expectations with this creation. Inheriting the sweet delicious aromas from its Jack Herer genetics, Sweet Seeds Jack 47 produces large, vigorous plants capable of supporting the heavy resin coated colas produced. An absolute winner and very popular strain in Europe, Sweet Seeds Jack 47 are available as feminized Marijuana seeds.

With so much choice of feminized and Autoflowering Marijuana seeds available from Sweet Seeds, its of no wonder this Spanish seed bank are gaining a world-wide customer base, all happy in the knowledge that they are growing hand-selected seeds from one of Spain’s most reputable breeders.

As Sweet Seeds expand their customer base out across mainland Europe and now into the USA and Canada, VegPage are proud to recommend and help to distribute their special collection of Marijuana seeds to an ever larger audience. If you have not experienced the joy of Sweet Seeds visit the Sweet Seeds page and discover for yourself the widest choice of Marijuana Seeds from Spain’s own .

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