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Sweet Seeds offer a wide selection of feminized Cannabis seeds, each strain has been developed to produce outstanding yield, flavour and potency and are a joy to grow and smoke.

The company focus on creating greater biodiversity within the Cannabis community, and are always looking for ways to make the seeds that they offer more diverse and exciting for their customers. This is why when a new strain is produced by Sweet Seeds, many growers are eager to grow their latest releases.

The diversity in the Sweet Seeds collection ranges from Skunk’s to fast flowering Sativa’s and they are well known for the high quality of their Autoflowering Seeds, producing excellent strains of Cheese and Cream Caramel cannabis seeds within their collection, a taste and high to suit all growers and smokers.

Sweet Seeds are believed to be one of the largest laboratories on the planet and are always working to ensure their innovation and experimentation will support this ongoing cause.

You can buy complete packs of Sweet Seeds in either 3, 5 or 10 packs, several strains from Sweet Seeds are also available as Single seed purchases, depending on your needs.

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Free Cannabis Seeds - Sweet Seeds

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