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Grand Daddy Purple Seeds Grand Daddy Purple  took the medical Marijuana scene by storm when it was first introduced into the Bay area by Ken Estes in 2003.  demand for this Purple Kush strain soon escalated to the point where it out-weighed the supply, meaning that not all Medical Marijuana Dispensaries were able to stock sufficient quantities to meet the growing demand.

This situation led to many inferior strains being called Grand Daddy Purple, misleading patients into believing that they were purchasing Grand Daddy Purple Seeds Original Grand Daddy Purple, when in fact they were purchasing an inferior imitation.

Grand Daddy Purple

Available as either single Marijuana Seeds, or as packets of 10 Regular Marijuana Seeds, the Original Grand Daddy Purple can be grown both indoor and outdoor. Indoor Marijuana growers can expect Original Grand Daddy Purple to mature in approximately 8-9 weeks from the commencement of flowering, yielding between 450-700 grams of dried high quality Marijuana per plant, a huge yield from a Purple Kush strain. Outdoors Grand Daddy Purple can reach heights of 2.4 meters and can produce between 2-3 pounds of Marijuana when harvested at the end of September, beginning of October.

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Original Grand Daddy Purple Review.

Grand Daddy Purple is one of the very best Purple Kush Indica strains of Marijuana available, producing dense buds with heavy hues of purple covering almost its entire surface area. The smell, taste and potency of the mature purple buds are legendary, once enjoyed, never forgotten.

With an extreme frosted coating of glistening THC filled crystal formations, Grand Daddy Seeds Original Grand Daddy Purple is considered by many growers and smokers to be the best Purple Kush Marijuana strain currently available.

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