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The Original Granddaddy Purple Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds Grand Daddy Purple took the medical Marijuana scene by storm when it was first introduced into the Bay area by Ken Estes in 2003. Demand for this Purple Kush strain soon escalated to the point where it out-weighed the supply. This meant that not all Medical Marijuana Dispensaries were able to stock sufficient quantities to meet the growing demand.

Due to the high demand and lack of supply, many other Marijuana Seeds began to be called Granddaddy Purple Seeds. Both patients and Marijuana Seed growers bought these seeds believing they were purchasing the Original Granddaddy Purple Seeds. When in fact they were purchasing an inferior imitation.

Grand Daddy Purple is one of the very best Purple Kush Indica strains of Marijuana available. They producing dense buds with heavy hues of purple covering almost its entire surface area. The potency is extremely high, with a flavor and aroma that is always remembered.

Once grown or smoked, many Marijuana users and gardeners will not try another type of Marijuana believing the Original Granddaddy Purple Seeds are the pinnacle of Medical Marijuana. High in THC and offering commercial growers huge yields, Granddaddy Purple commands some of the best Prices when grown and matured correctly.

Available as either single Marijuana Seeds, or as packets of 10 Regular Marijuana Seeds. The Original Grand Daddy Purple can be grown both indoor and outdoor. If grown inside, growers providing the necessary nutrients, air and light spectrum can expect their Granddaddy Purple Seeds to mature between 55-63 days from the onset of flowering.

Yielding between 450-700 grams of dried high quality Marijuana per plant, a huge yield from any Purple Kush seeds. Outdoors the Original Grand Daddy Purple can reach heights of 2.4 meters and can produce between 2-3 pounds of Marijuana when completely mature. Grown Outdoors, late September or early October are the best months to harvest.

As well as the Original Granddaddy Purple Seeds, Granddaddy Purple Genetics also have created a special collection of  high quality Marijuana seeds available online. These include Kens Kush, Candyland, OG Kush, Phantom Cookies and Granddaddy Purple Seeds Bay 11.

Read a review of one of our favorite Marijuana Seeds from Granddaddy Purple Seeds below.

Granddaddy Purple Seeds OG Kush is in one word… amazing!

Granddaddy Purple Seeds used the Tahoe OG clone and crossed it with their stunning OG male to create a Kush masterpiece!

Their particular strain of OG Kush has a distinct hash-like flavor that stays on the pallet. Combined with its own unmistakable pine and skunk aroma with carries right through from the aroma that fills the air, to the taste as well.

The superior combination of look, taste, and smell makes Granddaddy Purple Seeds OG Kush one of the most desirable and favorites with the Medical Marijuana community.

Granddaddy Purple Seeds OG Kush medicinal properties include: helping with sleeping disorders as well as many pain relieving attributes. It is also proven effective in treating inflammatory bowel disease, stress, anxiety and lack of appetite.

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