Green Crack Medical Marijuana Seeds

Green Crack Medical Marijuana Seeds


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Green Crack Marijuana Seeds


Complete Green Crack Medical Marijuana Seeds Review.

Green Crack Medical Marijuana seeds are extremely potent, delivering a fast, long-lasting high and powerful, energizing ‘body-buzz’. A favorite with many medical and recreational users and loved by Snoop Dogg, who renamed the strain from its original of Green Cush, to Green Crack due to the energizing high it produces.

Green Crack, or Green Cush to remove any association with harder, cocaine based drugs, has grown rapidly in popularity and can be found in many of the Amsterdam Coffee-shops and USA Medical Marijuana dispensaries. With the changes in the Marijuana laws across many of the States in America, you can now grow your own Green Crack Marijuana in the comfort of your own home.

Green Crack Marijuana seeds are guaranteed to germinate. Unlike many seed banks and producers, I Love Growing Marijuana do not sell their seeds as souvenirs, they expect you to germinate and grow them. Hand selected, each individual seed is picked and packed, ensuring you of the best quality, fresh seeds, guaranteed to germinate. Devoid of any male genes, these Medical Marijuana seeds will produce only true 100% female plants. The male plants role is to generate pollen for fertilization and seed production, as this is unwanted by almost all growers, feminized Green Crack seeds give you the guarantee that you will grow only female plants with all the traits and attributes you expect.

Suitable for both the indoor and outdoor grower, Green Crack Medical Marijuana seeds are easy to grow, great for beginners, as well as the more experienced grower. The plants are forgiving of many minor feeding and Ph errors, while still producing good, high quality harvests. High resin production and a low leaf to bud ratio make manicuring quick and easy, while the excess resin content on the trimmed leaves makes potent Marijuana butter and cannabis edibles.

An extremely versatile strain that grows well in both hydroponic and soil growing systems, Green Crack Marijuana naturally matures between 120 cm – 170 cm tall making it a perfect choice for both Sea-of-Green (SOG) and Screen-of-Green (SCROG) growing techniques. The 100% pure Indica genetics reduce the initial flowering stretch, while the plants respond well to yield-increasing techniques such as; super-cropping, bending, topping and staking.

Indoor growers should allow 65 days for the buds and colas to fully develop once introduced to a 12/12 light-dark regime. As maturity approaches the calyxes will become very hard and swollen, with few flowers, and a heavy coating of sparkling ‘crystal’ resin glands adding to its instant bag-appeal. Outdoor growers can expect large, ‘tree-like’plants that can grow tall, producing ‘cash-crop’ yields.

Green Crack Strain Flavour

Green Crack Medical Marijuana Flavor

Green Crack has a fragrant fruity aroma and sweet citrus flavor similar to tropical fruit and mango. The large, dense Indica buds are a brown/green color with virtually no hairs or flowers once mature.

Green Crack Strain Effects

Green Crack Medical Marijuana Effects

Green Crack Marijuana is well known and enjoyed for both its recreational and medicinal properties. A potent Marijuana strain containing only pure Indica genetics which produce a highly charged, energizing body-buzz, leaving the user feeling happy, uplifted and creative. High THC levels of 22% combined with low CBD levels produce a long-lasting sensation that can help the mind focus on tasks and projects. A great day-time smoke generating an energetic rather than lethargic high.

Green Crack Strain Medical Uses

Green Crack Medical Marijuana Uses

Green Crack Medical Marijuana is often used to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Its uplifting, creative effects focus the mind on more positive thoughts, while the energizing ‘body-buzz can assist with pain and fatigue. A very strong form of Indica Medical Marijuana without the ‘couch-locking’, drowsy effects that many Indica dominant strains produce.

You can buy Green Crack Medical Marijuana seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seeds. World-wide postage and super-stealth packaging are included in the price, and delivery is guaranteed. To find out more about buying Green Crack Medical Marijuana seeds online, click below.

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