Growing Cannabis In Nevada California

Growing Cannabis In Nevada

The latest vote means that as from January 1st 2017 possession and cultivation of your own Cannabis and Medical Marijuana is no longer a crime under state law.

What could Growing Cannabis in Nevada mean for you?

Growing Medical and Recreational Marijuana In Nevada Goes Legal

For many growers, or potential one’s, the law against growing your own personal Marijuana has often been the deciding factor. Unless you applied for, and were granted a Medical Marijuana card, obtaining good quality weed meant relying on a friend or dealer to ‘help you out’.

All that will soon change with the new laws on growing Marijuana seeds in Nevada, whether for recreational, or medical use. No more worry, stress or hardship. Simply Buy Marijuana Seeds online and grow your own.

For those that wish to learn how to develop and cultivate the very best Marijuana possible we recommend growing indoors. Controlling the environmental conditions under which your Marijuana or Cannabis grows is an important part in producing the very best buds, but does require some investment in equipment.

Creating a light proof area, purchasing the special lamps and bulbs, together with the pots, trays and fans , can all be purchased online. Click below to learn more about the equipment for growing Cannabis in Nevada.


Growing Cannabis In Nevada

Cannabis and Marijuana is the same plant called by a different name. Much of this confusion was caused by the American government at the start of the prohibition on Cannabis during the 1950’s. Up until then Cannabis was a generally accepted medicinal plant, however, the large influx of Mexican migrants brought their plants with them, which they called Marijuana. The government proposed a ban on this Mexican plant, Marijuana and as the American public didn’t realize it was the same plant that they called Cannabis, a ban was put into place and became law.

Now repelled through popular vote, the people of Nevada can grow Cannabis or Marijuana without fear of prosecution, and for many this offered some fantastic opportunities. If you have always wanted to grow your own Cannabis in Nevada, from the beginning of next year, you will be able. Find the biggest selection of strains when you legally buy Marijuana seeds in Nevada online.

As discussed above, growing Marijuana or Cannabis indoors usually produces a better quality plant, than the more traditionally grown outdoor varieties, there are several reasons for this;

  • The temperature can be controlled and regulated. When the air is too hot, Cannabis plants cease growing, likewise when it becomes too cold.
  • Bugs, pests, molds and fungus can cause problems. Insects can attack your plants, mold can destroy the buds overnight just as they mature, and animals can eat or destroy them.
  • To produce their best Cannabis, many strains require a constant 12/12 light-dark ratio. As the sunlight hours differ through the seasons, outdoor grown plants grow, flower and mature over a longer period
  • Planted outdoors, the soil may be difficult for the plant’s roots to break through, hindering development. Pots are better, but ensure no sudden heavy rain soaks the rooting medium too much.

However, don’t be put off growing your own outdoor Cannabis in Nevada, it can be fun, simple and very productive. Many of the strains available through us are perfect for the outdoor grower, offering a variety of tastes, aroma’s and highs. With a little care and knowledge almost any strain can be cultivated outdoors.


How To Start Growing Marijuana In Nevada

If you have never grown Cannabis or Marijuana in Nevada before, and want to take advantage of the changes in the law, there are two options available to you, Indoor or outdoor. Growing Cannabis indoors in Nevada requires investment. You will need equipment, seeds and it will certainly increase your power usage substantially. Growing Cannabis outdoors is cheaper to set-up, requiring very little equipment, just pots, seeds and growing medium, and incurs few, if any running costs.

For the complete beginner, investing in quality equipment is costly, and without it, the plants will not perform to their optimal levels. Devoid of air and climate control, the room will become hot and stale, lights are an obvious necessity, and a tent or room is required to shut in the light and also keep it out when it’s flowering time.

At the same time, many new growers want to take advantage of this change in the Nevada State law on Marijuana as soon as possible, and are not prepared to wait until the Fall for their first harvest. There is an answer! There are some strains of Cannabis that once germinated, grow, flower and mature simultaneously, these are known as Autoflowering seeds and are the perfect choice for new, and more experienced growers, looking for high quality, guaranteed results in as short a time as possible, without the need for major investment.

Fast and hardy, Autoflowering strains can be grown both indoors and outside, require little skill or experience and flower regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive. In fact they grow best under about 20 hours of light, producing the healthiest, heaviest harvest during the very height of Summer. Grown on a balcony, window ledge or in the garden, within just two months you could be smoking your own Nevada grown Cannabis free and legally!

Find Out More About Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Nevada Cannabis Seeds

Complete Cannabis Growing Kits

The Ideal Gift For Cannabis Growers

Through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana we can offer complete Cannabis growing kits containing all the seeds and nutrients you could need to produce a bountiful crop of high quality Cannabis. A perfect choice for all levels of experience, with the Autoflowering White Widow set a perfect choice for beginners.

Containing 20 feminized Autoflowering seeds, guaranteed to germinate and generate female-only plants, together with all the nutrients the plants will need during their complete life cycle. Added to this are three vital plant protectors designed to prevent and cure many of the common problems growers face, such as pests and bugs, mold and root diseases.

Choose from a selection of different packs, each with its own special feminized seeds.

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