Guerrilla Growing

Guerrilla Growing

The Art Of Growing Marijuana Outdoors In Remote, Secluded Areas.

Guerrilla GrowingWith many parts of the world having restrictive laws over the possession and cultivation of cannabis and marijuana, people often use guerrilla growing methods and techniques as a means of producing their own weed, buds and medical marijuana. The UK, United States, Canada and many other ‘free’ countries prohibit the free, unrestricted use and cultivation of marijuana, forcing many people to either grow in their own homes, or on their property, or, alternatively, resort to ‘guerrilla growing’ techniques to cultivate and produce their own cannabis buds and edibles.

Guerrilla growing in the USA has become extremely common as demand for good quality marijuana continues to increase. Even in the more liberal, and marijuana friendly states, growers face restrictions on the number of plants they can legally grow, often prohibiting growing marijuana completely. With many states offering good conditions through the Spring, Summer and early Fall, growing marijuana outdoors can be cheap, easy and rewarding, often producing large plants with generous harvests. Unfortunately most states prohibit freely planting marijuana seeds for a future crop, forcing many to adopt guerrilla growing techniques during the growing season.

What Is Guerrilla Growing?

For most people, guerrilla growing reduces the chances of being caught in possession of, or cultivating marijuana. While some parts of the USA permit it’s use, many do not, and growing marijuana is generally very restricted. Growing marijuana in the UK is against in law in all parts of the country, and although there are not as many wide open spaces as there are in the USA, guerrilla growing techniques have been adopted there too, often in some of the most ingenious places, including a disused nuclear bunker.

Guerrilla growing can actually take many different guises, and although planting Feminized marijuana seeds outdoors, away from your own property, and in remote, secluded places is often the most commonly known method, there are actually many ways of guerrilla growing marijuana plants, adopted right across the world, from single outdoor planted seeds, through to commercial set-up’s and ‘cash-crop’ enterprises. Which-ever method you choose to adopt, the aim remains the same, producing the highest quality marijuana without getting caught and subsequently prosecuted.

Guerrilla Growing – Location, Location, Location!

Choosing the right location for your guerrilla grow is paramount in producing a successful harvest. There are a variety of points to consider, not least the overall security of both yourself and your marijuana plants. Your chosen area needs to be away from commonly walked areas, and off the beaten track, not visible to the eye, yet close enough to walk to without arousing suspicion. Selecting the right area can mean walking into remote areas, the more secluded and hard to get to the better. Planting one or two selected marijuana seeds only requires a small clearing or space, while larger, ‘cash-crop’ operations will obviously require a much larger area.

Relying on natural rainfall may be an option for some growers, others will have to consider how they are going to provide their marijuana plants with enough water for their needs. Carrying large containers of water to your guerrilla growing area could be  tiresome and difficult, as well as arousing suspicion should you be seen. Many areas have small streams, ponds and lakes close by that can be utilized by carrying a collapsible water carrier and filling it once you are there. Be aware of your surrounding however, as many of these are watering holes for animals that may eat your plants, or even attack you if they feel threatened.

One of the biggest advantages of growing marijuana outdoors is the free, abundant sunlight, and ensuring your plants receive as much as possible guarantees bigger, stronger plants and larger buds. Selecting the best location for your guerrilla growing operation requires balancing the camouflage needs, while allowing the plant to receive as much direst sunlight as possible. When choosing a suitable location remember to check whether your plants will receive direct sunlight during the afternoon, when the sun is at it’s most powerful.

Planting in large open areas provides little, if any natural protection from the strong winds that many of the states across ‘middle-America’ suffer. Plants grown over an entire season can become extremely large, often reaching over two meters tall. Heavy cola’s and buds can cause stress on the plant’s main stem and side branches, and can easily break off when subjected to strong winds. Try to find a location that offers some natural protection, while still allowing access to direct sunlight.


  • Secure Location – Select a location away from public view and recreational areas, seldom walked or visited by people, or inhabited by animals.
  • Water supply – Water is heavy and carrying it to your guerrilla grow site would be tiresome and could arouse suspicion. Relying on rainfall could be costly, so select a location close to a good, clean water supply.
  • Direct Sunlight – – Shaded areas may camouflage your plants, but they need sunlight to grow strong and healthy. The more direct sunshine they receive, the more vigorously they will grow.
  • Natural Protection – Strong winds can easily damage marijuana plants, breaking the stems and stalks, especially when they are heavy with bud. Sheltered areas offer some natural protection.

Guerrilla Growing – Marijuana Seed Selection.

Once you have selected an area for your guerrilla growing, the next decision is the choice of seeds and strains best suited to your climate and needs. Selecting the right marijuana seeds is paramount in achieving a successful harvest, and while all seeds can be grown outdoors, certain types and strains are better suited to guerrilla growing styles than others. Feminized seeds guarantee female-only plants, and are always the preferred option. There is little point spending time, money and effort on your guerrilla grow, unless the plants are guaranteed to produce good quality buds and cola’s.

Your location is a primary factor in the choice of strain you should choose to plant in your guerrilla grow. Temperature, length of season and daylight hours are all major factors when growing marijuana outdoors, and selecting seeds and strains that are able to grow, flower and mature naturally, and before the onset of any frost, is an important factor in strain selection. Sativa dominant marijuana seeds generally grow taller and require a longer flower period, great for warmer, southern states, but unlikely to fully mature in the colder north. Indica based strains have a shorter flower phase, are more hardy and can often survive stronger winds and colder temperatures.

Autoflowering seeds have become the primary choice for many experienced guerrilla growers. Extremely easy to grow, and able to flower and mature, regardless of the number of hours of darkness the plants receive, makes them a perfect selection for discreet, outdoor Summer growing. Autoflowering seeds are often referred to as ‘throw-and-grow’ and are the easiest form of marijuana seeds to plant. Their ability to grow and flower simultaneously reduces the total time from seed to harvest to around twelve weeks, and although the yields are significantly smaller, the speed and ease these plants grow allows for multiple and staggered harvests from mid-July onward.

Many experienced guerrilla growers plant a selection of autoflowering and standard feminized seeds during the early part of the growing season and enjoy long, productive harvests later in the season. People living in southern states have a longer growing season then those living towards the north, and their seed selection should take this into account. While autoflowering seeds may be the only option for colder states with a short growing season and early frosts, they can also provide multiple and quicker harvests when grown in warmer states, and are capable of producing high quality buds and cola’s during the height of Summer, when traditional feminized marijuana plants are still in their vegetative stage.


  • Feminized Seeds – Buy feminized marijuana seeds to ensure all the plants you grow are female, capable of producing high quality buds and cola’s.
  • Flowering Times – Choose seeds and strains with flowering times suitable to your location. Northern states should select faster flowering strains to avoid frost problems.
  • Autoflowering seeds are a good option for all guerrilla growers, producing high quality buds in the fastest times possible, regardless of the hours of darkness the plants receive.
  • Plan your guerrilla growing operation in advance, known when and what seeds to plant and an understanding of their expected harvest dates.

Autoflower Seeds For Guerilla Grow

Feminized Seeds For Guerrilla Growing

Guerrilla Growing – Planting, Growing and Harvesting.

The location has been chosen and your selected marijuana seeds have arrived, all seeds ordered through us are sold with guaranteed delivery and germination, eliminating the stress of lost parcels and orders. Now it’s time to begin your guerrilla growing operation. While it’s perfectly acceptable to plant your seeds directly into your prepared area, many growers preferred to germinate the seeds in advance, using the recommended and guaranteed methods detailed when purchased, then, once the seedlings have developed, transport them to the growing area.

The soil needs to be ready to accept the plants, prepare it in advance on one of the earlier visits and perhaps leave a few coins, a cheap pair of sunglasses or a ball lying close by to see if the the area is used by others. If the coins or objects are still there when you return, it’s safe to assume you have chosen a good location. Plant the seedlings into the ground, water well, and try to camouflage the area as much as possible. Planting in several spots close to your chosen location will create less suspicion than neat rows of plants.

Visit your area as little as possible and do not tell anyone what you are doing, or where it is. Many growers have returned to there area to find the plants have been taken or stripped of their buds just as maturity approaches. The plants will require a lot of water during the vegetative and early flowering stages, especially the larger, season-long feminized varieties. Alternate the day’s and times you visit your plants to water them, and if there are people anywhere in the vicinity, stay away from the grow, returning another day to avoid arousing suspicions.

The Ultimate Grow Guide

Bugs, pests and molds and be issues for the outdoor grower, each problem capable of destroying your plants at various stages of their lives. Although it’s impossible to completely protect them from all of these problems and issues, a certain amount of protection can be offered to provide some forms of protection. The three pack Plant Protection formula’s have been produced to defend against many of the most common problems faced by both indoor and outdoor marijuana growers, and is highly recommended for all guerrilla growing set-ups.


  • Germinate your marijuana seeds at home, allowing them to develop to small seedlings before you transport them to your guerrilla growing area.
  • Prepare the area in advance, check the security and disturbance the surrounding area as little as possible.
  • Keep your operation quiet and to yourself. Only visit the growing area when necessary, watering the plants adequately on each visit.
  • Defend against the most common bugs, pests and molds using a variety of plant protection formulas.

Bug Blaster
Kills all unwanted pest inc spider mite, aphids, white flies and more.

Root Protector
Boost and strengthen your plants immune system when absorbed through the plants roots.

Mold Control
Mold can destroy your crop in a matter of days, Helps keep your plants disease free.

Buy Marijuana Plant Protector

Depending on your choice of seeds and strains, as well as climate, you may be harvesting more than once from your guerrilla growing operation. It’s easy to get complacent at this stage, forgetting all the security you have developed over the season. Don’t leave signs you have grown marijuana there, if you are stripping the buds from the plants, remove the left-over stalks and leaves from the area, leaving no traces it was used for guerrilla growing marijuana plants, after all, you may wish to return and continue guerrilla growing marijuana there next year.

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