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Jack Herer Regular Cannabis Seeds


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Jack Herer Regular Marijuana seeds are a perfect blend of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genes, producing strong plants with stable genetics and the ability to adapt to a wide variety of growing styles, methods and conditions.

These Regular Jack Herer seeds are highly prized and sought after, the female plants offer a selection of pheno-types, all of exceptional quality and perfect for turning into a clone mother, while the pollen from the male plants can be used to fertilize the females, creating high quality Marijuana seeds for future planting.

Sold in packs of either 5 or 10 Regular seeds, each packet contains a mix of half-male and half-female plants on average, which will require sexing as the flowering phase begins. Removing the males during the first few weeks of flowering ensures the female buds have chance to develop, before they are fertilized by the males, turning from bud, to seed production.

If you are looking to grow only female Jack Herer Marijuana plants, we recommend buying feminized Jack Herer seeds.

A perfect strain for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, Jack Herer Regular seeds produce tall, strong plants that average approximately 170 cm when fully mature. Flowering is quick, producing large, swollen buds in an average of 63 days from the start of flowering. Yields are good, producing around 500 grams per square meter of the highest quality medical Marijuana buds.

Jack Herer Marijuana buds are well known for their heavy coating of resin and powerful effects. A favorite strain in many of the Amsterdam Coffee-shops and American Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, its reputation as a form of medical Marijuana is enhanced by the fact that it is prescribed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized strain of medical-grade Cannabis.

Although not totally recommended for beginners, due to the fact that Regular seeds produce both male and female plants that will subsequently require sexing, Jack Herer seeds are easy to grow both indoors and outdoors during the growing seasons. If you would like to learn more about growing Marijuana, download the free, no obligation E-Book at the top of the page. Packed full of techniques and methods, covering all aspects of growing your own Marijuana from germination to when to harvest your plants.

Jack Herer Strain Flavor

Jack Herer Medical Marijuana Flavor

Jack Herer Marijuana has a complex flavor with hints of an earthy pine after-taste. Thick, smooth smoke with a woody aroma and pleasant, lingering smell. Large swollen buds with orange hairs offer excellent ‘bag-appeal’ with a name that guarantees some of the finest quality medical Marijuana.

Jack Herer Strain Effects

Jack Herer Medical Marijuana Effects

Jack Herer Marijuana is well-known for it’s potent medical effects. Enjoyed by both medical and recreational users alike for its energizing, uplifting high that leaves the user feeling happy, euphoric and creative. High THC levels between 17-19%, combined with a medium CBD content created a wonderful, cerebral high that’s long-lasting and very sociable. A great day-time smoke and one for enjoying with friends.

Jack Herer Strain Medical Uses

Jack Herer Medical Marijuana UsesJack Herer Medical Marijuana is highly popular in many of the USA Marijuana dispensaries. Known for relieving stress and depression, it can also reduce pain, fatigue, anxiety, migraines, ADD/ADHD, PTSD and arthritis. A highly potent and versatile form of natural medicine.

You can buy Regular Jack Herer Medical Marijuana seeds in packs of 5 or 10 seeds. World-wide postage and super-stealth packaging are included in the price, and delivery is guaranteed. To find out more about buying Jack Herer Medical Marijuana seeds online, click below.

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