Marijuana Seed Banks That Ship To The USA

Best Seed Bank That Ships To The USA

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Marijuana Seed Banks That Ship To The USA

With several States in America changing their laws on the cultivation and possession of Marijuana to allow adults to grow a permitted number of plants, many people are beginning to search online for reputable Marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA. Many people are under the impression that the Cannabis and Marijuana seeds industry is slightly ‘dodgy’ and not to be trusted, this, in the main, is far from correct.

The Marijuana seed industry is much like any other, with both good and bad companies, luckily it doesn’t take long for word to spread that certain company’s are unreliable, or sell sub-standard seeds, and these quickly disappear, while reputable Marijuana seeds banks flourish, helping their customers produce the best plants possible.

White Widow Marijuana Seeds Shipped To The USAUntil the early 1980’s the Cannabis and Marijuana seeds available were predominately ‘Land-Race’ strains, strains that have grown naturally for thousands of years, and were either Sativa or Indica plants. Both are original forms of Marijuana, with Indica’s found around the Hindu Kush mountains, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Sativa’s growing in hotter countries, often around the equator. Then, during the early eighties, several seed pioneers and botanists in Amsterdam, Holland set out to cross these two different forms of Marijuana together, to create a new hybrid strain, containing the best traits and attributes from both sets of parents.

The results become legendary, producing the first hybrid strains; Northern Lights, Haze and White Widow, each containing varying degrees of both Sativa and Indica genetics, producing different tastes, aromas and effects. Today they are now hundreds, thousands of different strains and names, including feminized, regular and autoflowering varieties.

Amnesia Haze Marijuana Seeds Shipped To The USAUnfortunately not all the strains produced are fantastic. Sometimes the yields are poor, or the bud lacks taste and aroma. The THC content may be low, or the CBD ratio too high to produce the desired effects. Buying from a reputable seed bank that ship to the USA, doesn’t always guarantee a top quality product, unless they produced and guarantee the seeds themselves.


Many top rated seed banks that ship to the US supply hundreds of different seeds from dozens of breeders, and as they do not produce or germinate and grow these seeds themselves, rely on the description supplied to them by the breeders, who also rarely guarantee their product either. None of this causes a problem until you germinate the seeds, and get an unsatisfactory germination ratio, or poor quality plants and want compensating.

Strawberry Kush Marijuana Seeds Shipped To The USA

Almost all Marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA sell seeds for other breeders, and therefore cannot, and will not, guarantee the product. In fact, if you look at the terms and conditions, many state that THESE SEEDS ARE SOLD AS SOUVENIRS ONLY.   What?…..Did you buy a souvenir? Or did you pay for Marijuana seeds that you expected to grow and produce exactly what they said they would?

Often people ask ‘will i get in trouble if my purchase is confiscated by customs?’ The answer is simply no. The seeds get removed and a note saying confiscated is put in their place. The police have no dealing with the importation of Marijuana seeds as the seeds don’t break the law, only germinating, growing and possession of the narcotic ‘Marijuana’ does. However, will replacements be sent free of charge, well, that depends which company you ordered your seeds from i’m afraid.

Reputable Marijuana Seed Banks That Ship To The US

There are several reputable Marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA, and have proven their integrity over the years, the most popular is a company called I Love Growing Marijuana. Set-up by Robert Bergman, who grew large, industrial scale plantations himself, the company produces some of the finest quality seeds, and offers both delivery and germination guarantees.

Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds Shipped To The USABuying Marijuana seeds online couldn’t be easier or safer. Secure payment is assured using the very best encryption technology, and can be made by card, Bitcoin or by sending cash, offering a selection of payment methods and options.

All of the Marijuana seeds available through their website have been thoroughly tested, ensuring the superior genetics, generate the  best quality, healthy plants, capable of producing outstanding harvests. Because they produce and sell their own seeds, they are able to guarantee that each, individual seed will germinate, creating the highest quality plant.

I Love Growing Marijuana have a collection of Feminized, Regular and Autoflowering seeds, including all the best and most popular strains, such as Blue Dream, Trainwreck and AK 47. Created using the finest genetics, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, creating a healthy, vibrant Marijuana with the traits, attributes and characteristics you expect from that strain.

TrainWreck Marijuana Seeds Shipped To The USA

Accurate information is the key to success, and that’s certainly true when growing Marijuana. There are many different methods and techniques used to grow Marijuana, from indoor to outdoor, soil grown or hydroponically, and receiving good information on how best to germinate, grow and harvest your plants will always be welcome, especially for new or inexperienced growers.

Robert Bergman and the team at I Love Growing Marijuana believe in helping people grow the best Marijuana possible, and, regardless of whether you buy Marijuana online from them, or from another website, every visitor can download the free Growing Marijuana Guide, without any purchase or obligation.

Girl Scout Cookie Marijuana Seeds Shipped To The USA

All the seeds are created under laboratory conditions in Amsterdam, Holland and will be shipped to you from a variety of locations using the very best ‘stealth-shipping’ methods, which rarely attract any attention. Should for any reason your order fail to arrive, their first-class customer support service is always on-hand to discuss any issues or concerns, replacing your order quickly and efficiently, without any further costs or payments.

Guaranteed delivery and ‘Stealth’ packaging are not an option, they are standard with all purchases, and the price shown includes all costs, no added extras. With the finest genetics, guaranteed delivery and germination, as well as all the help, support and information you need to successfully grow your own buds, we believe that I Love Growing Marijuana are the most reputable Marijuana seed banks that ship to the USA.

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