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A potent, Indica dominant strain that’s easy to grow both indoors and outside.

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Product Name: Banana Kush Autoflower

Product Description: Banana Kush feminized seeds have been a big hit with growers all around the world, loved for its sweet fruity flavor, banana aroma and relaxing euphoric high.

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  • Banana Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Banana Kush Auto Seeds.

Created in the Golden State of California, these Banana Kush Autoflowering seeds are a 60/40 Indica dominant strain produced by crossing Ghost OG with Skunk Haze.

The results are amazing, generating plants with an unmistakable aroma of fresh, ripe bananas and a long-lasting, powerful high.

Now available as Autoflowering seeds, it just got a whole lot easier to grow your own Banana Kush buds.

Unlike traditional Marijuana seeds which require twelve hours of uninterrupted darkness per night to promote flowering, Autoflowering seeds require no set hours of darkness. Instead, these special Cannabis seeds flower and grow simultaneously, almost from sprouting, and will fully mature under almost any number of light hours.

The speed with which these plants grow and completely mature makes cultivating them super-fast and super-easy. Forget about months of vegetative growth, waiting for the daylight hours to sufficiently reduce for flowering to begin. Even in the height of Summer, these Banana Kush Autoflowering seeds will grow, flower and fully ripen ready for harvest, often producing their biggest and best yields when subjected to long hours of strong, daily sunlight.

Requiring very little care or attention, these easy-to-grow Banana Kush Autoflowering seeds can be cultivated within a purpose built growing room, or outdoors during the Spring and Summer months. With a complete life-cycle of just eight weeks, the plants remain short, dense and squat, perfect for Sea-of-Green growing and producing an even canopy of buds.

With such a short and combined growing and flowering cycle, yields are smaller than conventional feminized Marijuana seeds, especially those cultivated outdoors over the course of an entire season. However, with the plants requiring just 8 weeks to fully grow, flower and mature, two, or even three harvests can be produced in the same space over the course of an entire season.

Achieving the best yields from your Banana Kush Autoflowering seeds is easy. Traditional Marijuana plants with a defined vegetative period can be trained, super-cropped, staked down, bent, topped and pruned, all techniques designed to enhance the yield from your plants. Autoflowering plants however, do not like many of these techniques, as they do not have the time to recover from any stress or cutting before maturity arrives.

The best way to grow these Banana Kush Autoflowering seeds is to plant them outdoors in a good sized pot and a quality growing medium. Leave them to grow naturally, watering when necessary and wait just the couple of months they require to mature.

When grown outdoors over the Summer months, Banana Kush Autoflowering seeds can yield between 4 – 6 oz of high quality buds per plant. Indoor growers can expect to harvest similar amounts per square meter, especially when using the Sea-of-Green technique.

Expect large, dense buds with a sweet banana aroma and subtle flavor. THC levels are some of the highest possible, reaching up to 27%, with a low CBD content producing an uplifting, euphoric high and full body-buzz that some light users may find overpowering and ‘couch-locking’.

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Enjoy all the help and support you may need to produce your own successful Banana Kush Marijuana buds, including a selection of articles and posts, helping you understand and learn more about growing both traditional feminized and Autoflowering Marijuana plants.

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