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Cannatonic Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

With high levels of THC and CBD these seeds are perfect for both recreational and medicinal use.

Cannatonic Marijuana Seeds Review.
Cannatonic Marijuana Seeds

Strain: Cannatonic

Plant Type: Feminized

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  • Cannatonic Feminized

Cannatonic Seeds From ILGM.

If you're looking for a Marijuana strain that offers medicinal benefits, as well as inducing a relaxing, uplifting high, these Cannatonic feminized seeds are a perfect choice.

Created from a blend of two potent hybrids, G13 and MK Ultra, Cannatonic seeds contain a 50/50 mix of Sativa and Indica genetics producing a 12% CBD content and 15% THC levels.

Not the quickest or easiest strain to grow, Cannatonic Marijuana seeds are completely feminized and guaranteed to produce pure female plants.

Flowering times are slightly longer than average, with the buds requiring between 10 - 11 weeks to completely ripen and mature.

Highly adaptable, the plants can be successfully cultivated both indoors and outside, producing approximately 14 oz of dense, dried buds indoors, and 17 oz per plant when grown outdoors in warm, sunny climates.

With two highly potent hybrid parents, Cannatonic was always going to be a high-level strain.

Elevated CBD levels of 12% and a THC content of 15% ensure long-lasting effects, relaxing the mind, while energizing the body. Known for its effective pain-relief, it can also help to reduce stress, tension and depression, as well as improving the appetite and suppressing nausea.

Now available in a variety of pack sizes, you can buy Cannatonic Marijuana seeds online and enjoy free shipping and guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA, Europe and the UK


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Buy Feminized Cannatonic Seeds.

Enjoy free shipping and guaranteed delivery to all parts of Europe and the USA, when you buy these Cannatonic seeds through us today.

Available for sale in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminized seed packs, all sold and shipped directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality Cannabis and feminized Marijuana seeds.

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Cannatonic Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Cannatonic Feminized

From $89.00

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Cannatonic Marijuana Seeds

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