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Fire OG Marijuana Seeds For Sale.

Orange and red colored buds with one of the highest THC levels and a potent effect.

Fire OG Cannabis Seeds Review. $109 - $149
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Product Name: Fire OG Feminized

Product Description: Fire OG is a highly potent strain that's not for the faint-hearted or inexperienced grower. The longer flowering time and growing techniques needed to produce the best harvests may put many off growing this strain.

Brand: ILGM Seed Bank

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  • Fire OG Feminized Seeds

Fire OG Marijuana Seeds.

Producing the best quality harvests from these OG Fire seeds isn’t as easy as it can be with other Kush strains, requiring high nutrient levels, reduced humidity and a controlled temperature. Experienced growers with a dedicated indoor growing area produce the best results.

The flowering time required by Fire OG of between 10 – 11 weeks is longer than other OG Kush stains. It’s susceptibility to mold and bud rot means these plants aren’t recommended for growing outdoors, unless planted in one of the warm Southern states.

All feminized seeds are all guaranteed to germinate, producing a pure female plant.


Fire OG Feminized

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Buy Fire OG Seeds

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