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Celebrate the joining of two popular hybrid strains and the creation of Wedding Cake Autoflower seeds.

Wedding Cake Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Review.
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Strain: Wedding Cake

Plant Type: Autoflowers

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Wedding Cake Auto Seeds By ILGM.

Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are the latest Marijuana seeds release from I Love Growing Marijuana, one of the world's leading producers and suppliers of high-quality Marijuana seeds. Creating from two, highly popular and sought after strains, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, expect a light, sweet aroma and vanilla flavor with a nutty ginger after-taste.

As with all Autoflowering strains supplied by ILGM, these Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are completely feminized and devoid of all male chromosomes, ensuring that every seed you germinate, produces a strong, stable pure female plant.

Wedding cake feminized seeds are a firm favorite across many of the Marijuana Dispensaries across the USA, and now with the release of these Autoflowering seeds, has become quicker and easier to grow and harvest.

Unlike conventional Marijuana seeds, which require an average of 12 hours of darkness per 24 hours to flower and mature, Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds grow and flower simultaneously, almost from sprouting, combining both the vegetative and flowering stages together, reducing the time from germination to harvest to between 9 - 10 weeks.

The much shorter life cycle, reduces the chances of pests or disease ruining your crop, making them a great choice for growers of all levels of experience. While the plants ability to flower under any number of light hours makes them a favorite with outdoor growers all around the world.

With no requirement for super-cropping techniques to maximize bud production, these Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds can almost be planted outdoors during the Spring and harvested just 9 - 10 weeks later.

Yields aren't as impressive as conventional feminized Marijuana seeds, with outdoor yields per-plant of between 4 - 6 oz, while indoor growers can expect to yield a similar quantity per square meter.

The buds have the same dense, resinated appearance as those from traditional feminized Marijuana seeds, with the same vanilla. nutting ginger flavor and aroma. With good planning, two, or even three harvests can be produced during the growing season, especially for those growers living in warmer, southern states and parts of the world.

Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are 70% Indica dominant, with 30% Sativa and a splash of the Ruderalis, autoflowering gene. The plants grow squat and bushy, producing their best harvests when cultivated over the Summer months with long hours of strong, direct sunlight.

THC levels average around 17%, with a low CBD content. The high is uplifting and energizing, while relaxing the body, soothing away the daily aches and pains of modern-day life. A great strain for socializing and early evening use, inspiring creative thought, rather than the 'couch-lock' that many other Indica dominant strains can induce.

If you're looking for an easy-to-grow strain that's great for outdoors and fast, early harvests, Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice. Regardless of your level of experience, knowledge or skill, you can grow your own high quality Marijuana buds in a fraction of the time and their retail cost.

Now available in packs of 5, 10 and 20, you can buy Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds online and enjoy free and direct shipping from I Love Growing Marijuana. Receive all the help and support you may require, from purchase through to harvest, as well as their germination and delivery guarantee.

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If you’re looking for a fast, easy and discreet Marijuana strain to grow outdoors this coming season, these Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are a great choice. Choose from three pack sizes, 5, 10 or 20 and enjoy large discounts on bigger packs, as well as free ‘stealth shipping’ and guaranteed delivery on all purchases.

With a first-class customer-care team, you’re assured that all queries or concerns will be answered quickly and informatively, assuring you of a successful harvest, whatever your level of experience.

Whether you’re an experienced grower, or growing Marijuana for the very first time, enjoy high quality buds and fast harvests when you buy Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds online.

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