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A Sweet tasting marijuana hybrid with a relaxing, creative high.

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Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds

Product Name: Zkittlez Feminized

Product Description: Zkittlez marijuana seeds grow an indica dominant plant that produces beautiful, bright colors of green, purple, and orange. In general, Zkittlez plants thrive both indoors and outdoors. They are beginner-friendly and considered an easy grow for most.

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  • Zkittlez Feminized Seeds

Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds.

Taste the rainbow with the latest addition to our recommended feminized Marijuana seeds collection. Named after the colorful fruit flavored candy, these Zkittlez seeds have become extremely popular with recreational users, enjoyed for its assorted flavors of fruity-berry and citrus, as well as its powerful, cerebral, uplifting ‘high’.

Available now in feminized format, each Zkittlez seed is completely guaranteed to germinate, produce a strong, female plant, with an abundance of hard, dense, colorful buds. Created from Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains, Zkittlez seeds are an Indica dominant strain, perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing techniques.

Considered an easy Marijuana strain to grow, these feminized seeds are a perfect choice for all levels of experience, from beginner to professional ‘cash-crop’ grower. The plants remain short and squat, with a bushy appearance and a multitude of strong branches and budding sites.

As with any feminized Marijuana seeds, all plants are completely female and devoid of any male chromosomes. Flowering begins when they receive 12 hours of daily uninterrupted darkness, with these Zkittlez seeds requiring 8 weeks to completely bud and mature ready for harvesting.

Yields are good, for a fast-flowering strain, with indoor growers producing between 16 – 21 oz of high quality buds per square meter. Outdoor growers can expect similar yields per-plant from Zkittlez seeds planted in mid-Spring and allowed to mature naturally over the Summer, and Early Fall.

THC levels of 23%, and a low CBD content have made Zkittlez seeds a firm favorite with recreational users, generating an uplifting and euphoric ‘high’ that’s long-lasting, leaving the user happy and content. A great choice for the late afternoon and early evening, with none of the ‘couch-locking’ or drowsy effects, often associated with powerful Indica dominant strains.

Zkittlez Marijuana has a unique and complex flavor, with tastes of berry and citrus fruits, where no smoke seems to taste exactly the same, hence the name Zkittlez seeds, much like enjoying the small candy sweets. A highly popular Marijuana strain that can be found in many dispensaries and Amsterdam Coffee-shops.

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Zkittlez Feminized

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Zkittlez Marijuana Seeds

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