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Dinafem Amnesia Seeds

Dinafem Amnesia has won numerous cannabis cups over the years and is now available in Feminised Autoflowering Seeds. Amnesia genetics are well known for its powerful benefits and high yielding crops.Amnesia is also well known for being a sativa that will grow like an indica, incredibly productive, strong Marijuana plant ideal for indoors because of its manageable height. It tastes like a sweet sativa,yet more satisfying than the majority of Haze hybrids, with a intense amounts of sticky crystal resin.

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Dinafem Blue  Seeds

Dinafem Blue widow is a F1 hybrid of Blueberry and White Widow, has been developed to give maxium flavour, taste and colour. The powerful sweet&sour flavor of White Widow and the forest berry aroma of Blueberry, when combined, create a combination of fruity sweets that smells like chewing gum. The Blueberry heritage means it will grow in low outdoors resin production and sedative power of the White Widow father, guarantees high production. It is a good producer of large purple buds entirely coated with trichomes.

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Dinafem Cheese Seeds

Dinafem Cheese is a Autoflowering hybrid developed by crossing Dinafem  Critical+ autoflowering male with the original Cheese clone.This Cheese has not lost any of the delicious cheese flavor or the incredibly strong aroma so carbon fliters are still esstential when growing indoors.It has more CBD than the original Cheese strain so its effects are strong and physical making this a suitable medical marijuna strain to use.For other fans of this strain, the Cheese flavor is still the most essential attribute and that is what this seedbank offer here.

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Dinafem Moby Dick Seeds

Dinafem Moby Dick is one of the best strains from Dinafem shes robust and a very typical sativa. Moby Dick genetic sativa dominance ensures fast development, shes vigor in all types of conditions and mold resistance.Moby Dick is a good producer of super High THC 21% and traces of THCV can be found add the delicious pine flavor, with the high potency plus a strong and dynamic effect and its no wonder Dinafem Moby Dick, was named by the readers of Soft Secrets, “Girl of the Year 2010”

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Dinafem White Widow Seeds

Dinafem White Widow was developed to give you a plant with more resin than any other strain.Dinafem White widow is an indica-sativa hybrid with clear indica predominance, in particular in the growing stage.The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see them at all.The smell is pungency sweet & sour and very strong; it is important to use carbon filters if growing these Marijuana Seeds indoors.

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