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Lowlife Seeds, A Collection of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds.

Lowlife Seeds specialize in asking such questions as, what would happen if you crossed a Super Lemon Haze with an Original Lowryder. Or maybe some White Russian Cannabis seeds and crossed that with an Original Lowryder Seed? Well that is precisely what Lowlife Seeds Company do. This Cannabis Seed Company have been suppyling their customers for over 6 years now, and are growing bigger every year.

The aim of Lowlife Seeds, is quite simply, starting with Original Lowryder genetics from Joint Doctor, Lowlife Seeds began to Cross-Breed classic Cannabis Strains such as Lemon Skunk,  Blueberry  and White Widow. The results were the beginnings of Lowlife Seeds. After several generations of cross-breeding these Cannabis Seeds, they were finally released for sale to the publi

Lowlife Seeds produce fast growing, Autoflowering Strains, each Lowlife seeds Automatic has it’s own unique taste, aroma and characteristics. As with all Autoflowering Strains, flowering begins automatically around day 14, or about the third set of full leafs. They do not depend on the 12/12 photoperiod that standard Cannabis Strains need in order to start their flowering phase.

This makes them ideal to grow outdoors, where it is much harder to control the daylight hours. With Auto Flowering Cannabis,the more intense and longer the light hours, the bigger and better Auto Seeds grow, and that is certainly true

A History Of Lowlife Seeds.

Lowlife Seeds breed and develop new strains of cannabis with autoflowering characteristics. For the last 4-5 years since Lowryder was introduced, Lowlife Seeds have been working on cannabis strains that would complement Lowryder, making its yield and cannabis potency increase.

Lowlife Seeds success came upon selecting the autoflowering trait in Lowryder and passing this on to subsequent generations. Once mastering the technique Lowlife Seeds were able to start crossing specially picked cannabis strains with Lowryder to alter certain other characteristics.

Lowlife Seeds are known all around the world for their ability to create stable and fantastic Lowryder hybrids. Lowlife Seeds try to beat the niche market and sell Cannabis seeds that have been crossed on special attributes being fast flowering, big yielding or potent.

Lowlife Seeds

Lowlife Seeds Auto White Russian


Lowlife Seeds White Russian


Lowlife Seeds Auto White Russian formed from a White Russian Seed from Serious Seeds, and crossed with an Original Lowryder from the Joint Doctor. The result, Next Generation Seeds, an Autoflowering Strain that grows to around 35 cm tall and lives up to it’s ‘White’ heritage. Give this Cannabis Seed a 5 litre pot to grow in, and feed it gently with a light feeding pattern. From around day 14, the first flowers start to form. Eight weeks later, just as you are about to harvest, Induce superior THC enhancment by leaving the Cannabis Plant to finish off in 48 hours of darkness, before cutting and manicuring. The resulting Cannabis Buds, once dried and cured, is a little harsh on the throat. However we do find that is a common trait amongst the White Cannabis Family. That said, Lowlife Auto White Russian is a very easy Cannabis Plant to grow and although slightly harsh, the smoke produces a very strong and powerful High.

Lowlife Seeds Auto AK 47



Lowlife Seeds Auto AK 47, or as Lowlife Seeds like to call it, Auto AK74, is a true Auto Flowering Skunk Seed.  This Cannabis Strain is a good yielder, for an Automatic Strain. It produces sweet smelling Cannabis Buds, with a knockout ‘stone.’ Know by Lowlife as a Next Generation Seed, this Autoflowering AK 47 ( or AK 74) grows into a bush of a plant. Generous lateral branching makes this Cannabis Strain ideal for general outdoor growing, on patios,balconeys, and especially indoor growrooms, where it can grow to around 70cm in height. Very easy to manicure, as Auto AK47 has a high bud to leaf ratio. Apowerful ‘high is assured from it’s AK 47 parentage.

Lowlife Seeds Auto Blueberry

Lowlife Seeds Auto Blueberry, a true Indica Cannabis Strain, with that special’blue’

taste. Auto Blueberry by Lowlife Seeds is a hybrid cross of DJ Shorts Blueberry, and Original Lowryder from the Joint Doctor. This is not the easiest Auto Flowering Strain to grow. It requirs a light feeding pattern, but must never be allowed to dry out. Inexperienced, or poor growing technics will be severly punished! However, with a little care and attention, you will soon be rewarded with an extremely resinous main Cola that bulks up like all good Indica Strains. It’s lateral branching stretches, and extends whilst flowering, providing an ample amount of smaller, heavily frosted Cannabis Buds. When lit, t fills the air with a thick rich smoke with an aroma of fresh berries. A very high level of THC means a super knockout ‘stone’ with a couch locking, Indica effect.

Lowlife Seeds Feminized Auto Lemon Skunk



Lowlife Seeds Feminized Auto Lemon Skunk was developed using a lemon phenotype of Skunk#1 that Lowlife Seeds have been keeping as a clone mother for almost 15 years and the original Lowryder. Although Skunk#1 is the building block for plenty of modern stable hybrids, many find it to be quite variable in its phenotypes and the discovery of a lemon scented phenotype was something to treasure.Lowlife Seeds Feminized Auto Lemon Skunk does not like having its roots restricted or becoming dry, it’s slightly sensitive to over feeding and spider mites but we here a veg page recommend Lowlife Seeds Feminized Auto Lemon Skunk over almost any other.

Lowlife Seeds clearly have earnt a reputation for creating fantastic, and very appealing Lowryder hybrids. Their Marijuana seed range is expanding rapidly Click below to view the full collection from Lowlife Seeds.

Lowlife Autoflowering Seeds Feminized

Automatic flowering seeds from Lowlife. Available in feminized!


Lowlife Autoflowering  Seeds Regular

Automatic flowering seeds from Lowlife. Available in regular!

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