Reserva Privada OG 18

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Reserva Privada OG 18

Reserva Privada combine and promote Cannabis and Marijuana strains native to the West Coast of America and California in particular, and specialize in Medical Marijuana SeedsReserva Privada are a combination of West Coast Marijuana breeders who until the formation of Reserva Privada had no way to show and promote their individual Marijuana strains. These breeders are all protected by medical laws within their States, but would still rather remain nameless and unknown. With their roots in the West Coast, Reserva Privada came together to promote their collection of very special Medical Marijuana strains.

Reserva Privada OG 18

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Reserva Privada OG 18 Review.

By selecting feminized OG Kush seeds that were so good, they just had to be back-crossed and re-feminize her, creating these Reserva Privada OG 18 Feminised Marijuana Seeds.

Reserva Privada OG 18 is more Sour tasting then the original OG Kush – and returns far superior yields than it’s original parentage.

Reserva Privada OG 18 took the yield and Diesel taste of the Chem Dawg, and infused it with the OG Kush power. Returning a well balanced Marijuana strain combining taste, yield and a long lasting high.

Flowering Indoors: 8-9 weeks.
Yield: 400-500 g/m2

OG Kush Seeds Shipped to USA,Canada and Europe.

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