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If you look around, you’re bound to find many seed companies that claim to offer top quality marijuana seeds. However, not all of them make good on their claims. Thus, it’s very important for you to find a credible Marijuana seed company before purchasing seeds. The Sensi seed is one such company, with decades of experience and a steady fan following. Here’s more on why Sensi seeds are so popular.

Sensi Seeds - IN STOCKThe selection of Marijuana seeds in the Sensi seed bank has been developed from the finest cannabis genetic strains. They are the product of vigorous collecting, interbreeding and preserving processes. The strains used for the development of Marijuana seeds have been derived from several landraces around the world to create a genetic pool that fresh and flavorful. The resulting seeds are exotic and interesting and very smokable indeed.

Today, the sensi seed bank boasts of the most complete selection of marijuana strains from any available source on this planet. It has also won more accolades and recognition than any other seed company, with several first place prizes from international cannabis foundations as well as the much coveted Cannabis Cups.

Sensi Seeds are particularly well known for its indoor Marijuana seeds that have been specifically designed to produce high yields that are immensely smokable. Growers are recommended to start a collection of Sensi seeds and grow an exclusive selection of plants for added variety. Using feminized Sensi seeds will also increase your chances of growing a high quality plant.

With the available options in pick and mix; you should have no trouble at all in finding a strain that fits your cannabis requirements. Modern technology, used for the selection of Marijuana seeds, will also make it easier for you to choose the right seed for yourself.

The Sensi seedbank is considered very important by medical Marijuana establishments as well. This is owing to the fact that many of the seeds in the Sensi inventory are in fact, of high medicinal value. Therefore, it’s vital that it remains ‘functioning and intact,’ at least, until the therapeutic qualities of the seeds have been fully understood and explored.

All the Marijuana seeds sold by Sensi are stable and established. They have also been recommended widely by many of the biggest cannabis authorities in the world, including marijuana researchers and authors. Some of the most coveted seeds of the current times have originated from the Sensi Seed bank as well.



Sensi Seeds – Sensi Skunk #1

Sensi Seeds Skunk #1

Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 has been considered by many as the definitive cannabis strain that changed marijuana culture. It has been a constant favorite of weed lovers for over a quarter of a century and is now available as a top quality feminised variety. The skunk is also acknowledged as the most reliable and consistent seed, when it comes to performance and her solid genotype has inspired a whole new generation of hybrids. It is also known as one of the most potent branches of the Cannabis family.

Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk FeminizedSensi Seeds – Shiva Skunk

Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk s the most powerful member of the skunk family and is aptly named after the Hindu God of Bhang; Lord Shiva. The seeds have been one of the most sought after cannabis strains in the world, since its debut in 1987. Today it is available in all-female variety with musky and sweet citrus undertones.

Sensi Seeds Big Bud FeminizedSensi Seeds – Big Bud Feminized

Sensi Seeds Big Bud is a premium Feminized seed variety from Sensi . It’s widely known for its massive yields and a superior indica pedigree. The original strain has been carefully refined and improved over the years to create a seed that’s truly monumental. In recent times, it has been perfected to yield all-female seed strains.

Sensi Seeds Silver Haze FeminizedSensi Seeds – Silver Haze

Sensi Seeds Silver Haze is probably one of the best known marijuana seeds in the world, and justifiably so. This award winning seed is known for its bright cerebral high- a virtue inherited from her parents. This is a highly manageable hybrid with great indoor potential.

There are several other feminised Sensi seeds that guarantee a highly pleasurable smoke and includes the Jack Flash Feminised , Early Skunk Feminized and Northern Skunk being some of our favourites.

The price of Sensi seeds vary according to strain and genetics. However, there’s a seed that fits every requirement and pocket. So no matter what your budget, you’re likely to find a seed that meets your specific purposes without compromising on quality. If you’re looking for a high quality seed bank with a proven track record, Sensi Seeds Company is the one for you.

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