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Skunk Seeds are some of the most stabilized strains, generally Skunk Seeds grow uniformly from seed, meaning that when you buy quality Super Skunk Seeds, from a top quality breeder you a rewarded with a uniform garden of top quality Skunk Cannabis Buds. Skunk Seeds produce  some of the finest Cannabis plants, with a large selection of Pure Skunk Seeds, such as the Legendry Skunk 1, or the Sensi Seed Bank Super Skunk. Through to the Skunk Hybrids, such as Afghan Skunk and Citrus Skunk From the moment they start to flower they produce a strong pungent aroma that can be slightly overpowering if grown indoors without a quality air filter system.

Recommended Skunk Seeds from the best Marijuana Seed Banks

Afghan Kush x Skunk. From World of Seeds we recommend the Afghan Kush x Skunk, a fast flowering skunk hybrid that can mature in around 45 days. Growing to around 1 metre in height with a potential yield of 400-450 grams per square metre. Available in 3 seed packs, click the Picture for more information  on any of World of Seeds Skunk Seeds.

Automatic Lemon Skunk Seeds. Green House Seeds bring you the Autoflowering Lemon Skunk. Growing to a height of around a metre these are some of the best autoflowering seeds available. Mature in around 8 weeks with a decent yield these Automatic Lemon Skunk retain the citrus aroma associated with quality Lemon Skunk. Click the Picture for more information or to Buy these Skunk Seeds.

Flying Dutchmen Seeds Skunk 1, available as regular and feminised Skunk Seeds this is the Cannabis Strain that changed the face of Cannabis cultivation. It was this Cannabis strain that formed the notorious ‘Skunk’ name that become the accepted name for strong Cannabis weed. With its indica appearance of short internodes and dark green leaves these Cannabis Seeds ooze of their afghani parentage. Click the picture for more innformation on all Flying Dutchmen Skunk Seeds.

Humboldt Skunk Seeds. If your looking for the ultimate in fragrance Skunk buds then Humboldt Seed Organisation Pineapple Skunk Seeds are the ones for you. A very stable strain and a quick producer from Seed to Cannabis Buds. Available in Feminised packets of 5-10 Skunk Seeds per packet. Click the picture for more informaion on all Humboldt Seed Organisation Skunk Seeds.

Mr Nice Skunk Seeds is a hybrib cross between Big Bud and Skunk 1. With it’s strong aroma and amazing taste, Mr Nice Skunk Seeds are proving to be a big hit of Skunk Seed lovers. These Skunk Seeds produce very large buds, covered in an abundance of resinated THC coated resin. Click the picture for more information about any of the Mr Nice Skunk Seeds collection.

White Label Super Skunk Seeds. Created by taking the original Skunk 1 and then crossing it back with an ancient and pure, highly resinous Afghani Hash plant, White Label Seeds have produced a dependable, all round Super Skunk. Huge yields and a great Cannabis strain for beginners have made these Skunk Seeds from White Label Seeds a winner amongst all Cannabis Growers. Click the picture for more Skunk Seeds from White Label Seeds.

DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk Seeds. These Skunk Seeds produce tall sativa style Cannabis plans with a good bud to leaf ratio. Mature  around 50-56 days Lemon Skunk from DNA Genetics produce a good harvest of light green, orange haired Cannabis buds. Click the picture for more Skunk Seeds from DNA Genetics Seeds.

Serious Seeds White Russian Skunk Seeds Feminised. If your looking for a real hard hitting, couch locking stoned, then these Serious White  Russian Skunk Seeds are the ultimate. Short, squat Cannabis plants that focus on producing large resin coated buds. With an amazing combination of THC and CBD levels set to take you on a rollercoaster ride. Click the picture for more information on Serious Skunk Seeds.

Sensi Seed Bank Super Skunk Seeds, one of the first projects from Sensi Seed Bank, one of the most respected Cannabis Seed Banks. Winner of many Cannabis Cups these Skunk Seeds are a dependable all round top performing Cannabis Strain. Super Skunk, super-vigorous, super-potent, super-fragrant. Click the picture for more information on Sensi skunk Seeds.

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