What Are OG Kush Seeds?

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The Origins of Kush Marijuana Seeds.

There are many various versions and varieties of OG Kush Marijuana Seeds, some of the seed breeders of this excellent Land Race Marijuana strain are very good, and have incorporated the very essence of the Kush. Unfortunately, others are somewhat lacking and offer up poor, cheap copies that should not be called Kush Cannabis.

The beginnings and origins of this wonderful Land Race Kush begin high up in the Hindu Kush Mountains. These mountains converge on the borders of Northern Pakistan, North Western India and Afghanistan. It is from this mountainous region that we find the origins of the Indica Kush varieties. Land Race Cannabis simply means a true, local variety that has developed naturally in the environment in which it lives. The Kush Marijuana plants developed into short squat bushes, as this style of growth suited life in the mountainous regions that it originally grew in.

Types Of Kush Marijuana Seeds.

When it comes to the many types of Kush Cannabis the list is endless, here at OG Kush, we specialize in promoting the OG Kush lineage, however there are several other Kush strains that we do recommend, so if OG Kush is not what your after, check out our quick reviews here.

Master Kush Marijuana Seeds.

Master Kush is a huge yielding hybrid created by the selective breeding of two Indica parents. The effects of this particular Kush Cannabis strain are very strong, but are not over-powering. If your looking for a top choice Kush strain, then we recommend Sensi Seeds Master Kush as a first class choice for the novice and more experienced cannabis grower alike.

Lemon Kush Marijuana Seeds.

If your considering a more fruity tasting Kush, then we recommend Female seeds Lemon Kush. A high quality chitral Kush, hailing from the same mountain regions as the origanal Kush Strains. Producing THC coated nuggets of average size, but with a citral, lemon scent that is extremely pleasant to smoke. One of the more favoured of the Kush Cannabis strains by the Dutch Medical Cannabis users.

Barney’s Farm Violator Kush and Vanilla Kush Marijuana Seeds.

Two all-time favourites, and both Cannabis Cup Winners, Violator Kush, and Vanilla Kush, both from Barney’s Farm are highly recommended for any Kush Cannabis grower. Both produce highly quality, heavy yielding Cannabis plants, that contain extreme THC content levels. For award winning Kush we recommend Barney’s Farm as one of the best Kush Seed Breeders.

Kush Marijuana Review.

This Kush Review is only a short sample of a few of the most highly recommended and most popular strains of Kush Cannabis currently available. When it comes to buying your Kush Seeds make sure you buy from only the very best, and most trusted Medical Marijuana Seed Suppliers.

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