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White Label Seeds

White Label Seeds are part of the world famous Sensi Seeds Bank,probably the best and most well known of all of the Cannabis Seed Bank’s. So why not have them all under the Sensi Seed Bank range, i hear you ask. White Label Seeds were set up by Sensi Seeds Bank as a way of seperating their “White” Cannabis Strains, and promote them all under one company banner,still a part of Sensi Seeds Bank,but a more specialised and selective range of Cannabis Seeds.

Since their first Cannabis Cup in 2003, White Label Seeds have gone from strength to strength. White Haze,which won the Mostly Indica Cup, set White Label apart from the other Cannabis Seed Breeders. Here was a Haze Cannabis Strain that grew to the size of a small to average Sativa, but whose buds bulk up to form resin coated calyxes in a very Indica style. This Haze became the accepted next generation of easy to grow ‘White Cannabis’ Strains, and put White Label Seeds firmly onto the map, as a seperate company, capable of producing very high quality White Strains, whilst still under the Sensi Seeds Bank banner.

Moving on from winning their first Cannabis Cup in 2003,White Label have released many ‘White’ versions of popular seeds.Most of these Cannabis Strains are released as both Regular and Feminised Cannabis Seeds. There are a complete range of hybrids,and tastes to suit all, ranging from Jack Herer, Big Bud and Double Gun. Through to Rhino, Kush and the mould resistant Holland’s Hope. Here is A short review of 3 of the most popular Sensi Seeds Strains.

Recommended White Label Seeds

White Label Seeds –  Super Skunk Feminized Seeds

White Label Seeds Super Skunk

White Label Seeds Super Skunk was one of the first serious projects to create a next-level cannabis hybrid by crossing the groundbreaking Skunk #1 with an ancient, pure-bred, highly resinous Afghani hash plant. In 1990, Super Skunk was released to great acclaim, picking up the mostly Indica Cannabis Cup straight away. Dependable all-round performance makes this one of the top strains for commercial or connoisseur growers.  Super Skunk always lives up to her super vigorous, super potent, super fragrant reputation.

White Label Seeds – Regular White Widow Seeds

White Label Seeds White Widow

White Label Seeds are the backbone of the Dutch coffee-shop industry, the first of the “white weed” strains and an all-round commercial success story, White Widow is one of the most famous cannabis strains in modern growing. While this is partly due to her memorable name, her speed, yield and stunningly thick coating of trichomes have a lot more to do with it! Mostly Indica, with sweet, thick, acrid smoke that imparts a hammering stone, White Widow is a major part of many visitors’ first experience of Amsterdam. White Widow grown from seed is very easy to clone, and is a good plant with which to perfect your technique.

White Label Seeds – Snow Ryder Autoflowering Seeds

White Label Seeds Snow Ryder

White Label Seeds Autoflowering – The two most important features of SnowRyder are her auto-flowering capability and the sparkling, resin crystals that cover her mature buds like a blanket of snow.Auto-flowering cannabis begins blooming according to the age of the plant, rather than the light cycle, and this tendency gives SnowRyder growing advantages both indoors and out. White Label Seeds SnowRyder seeds produce plants which normally begin flowering around the time they has produced their 6th to 9th set of true leaves, (typically 6-8 weeks in good growing conditions). SnowRyder is not a dwarf cannabis strain, nor will she grow out of control due to grower error (such as vegetating too long).

For over a quarter of a century people have relied upon Sensi Seeds Bank to produce high quality Cannabis Stains. This award winning Seed Bank has never failed to deliver Superior Cannabis Strains. If it’s ‘Snow-Topped,’ heavily crystalised, Cannabis Buds that you want to grow,then make sure you start with good Seed stock. White Label Seeds, together with Sensi Seeds Bank, never fail to deliver you the very finest, freshest Marijuana Seeds.

White Label Seeds are available in packs of 3, 5 & 10

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