Medical Marijuana and Cancer

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Medical Marijuana and Cancer.

In terms of illness and debilitating circumstances, to be diagnosed with cancer is something that is altogether jarring. Putting aside, respectfully, all the possible emotions that course the annals of thought and emotion, and the obvious physical discomfort, weakness and pain, there lies a more insidious adversary lurking in seemingly inconsequential areas.

The affliction in itself brings about the unwillingness and at times, the inability, to find the appetite to ingest nourishment. Eating, to put it plainly, becomes a hellish experience. Its not an issue of mental or psychological hindrance, it is instead a chemical and, real physical nausea against food.

This is not to be confused with the lack of appetite that is the result of chemotherapy or from the barrage of medicines that are literally designed to escort the body as close to death as possible so that the cancer cells will die first. Its a biological game of chicken, with consequences the rip the person subjected to it, and their families to bits.

Medical marijuana and cancer

Medical Marijuana and Cancer

Suffice to conclude that the ailment and its eventual treatment are physically, mentally and emotionally are barbarous. Most, who make a decision to accept their lot in life, hang on and resolve to meet their maker, others, mount a battle of wits and strength, fueled by anger and the love of all that breathes.

These are the people that very quickly come to realize that the first thing they must do is protect their mind and feed their body. Alternatively, the noble effort to hold on with gritting teeth will not result in martyrdom, just an untimely cessation.

In an effort to live life, in a fight to prolong and thrive the first thing that must be overcome is the inability to remain nourish. This inability is the determinate of how far and how long the human flesh can battle this affliction. The simple answer is to do anything possible to find a way to regain the appetite and chastise the mind to keep in strict check the reflex to retch.

The ancient cultures of China and India have been a source of great medical inspiration. Their collective apothecaries have countless concoctions and remedies that address almost every bum, bruise and illness. In the case of loss of appetite, they may prescribe a number of various herb cocktails and spice blends.

In the event of nausea too, they have potions and brews. However, sinseis and shamans from both these cultures seem prescribe a tea that is brewed from the leaf of a cannabis seed (graines de cannabis). This tea, battles two symptoms in one flavorless swoop, the nausea and the loss of appetite, it also releases the pain that may be experienced.

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