Autoflower Classics Mixpack

Autoflower Classics Mixpack

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Autoflower Classics Seed Mix For Sale

Autoflowering Classic Mixed Marijuana Seeds Review.

If you’re looking for fast, easy-to-grow Marijuana plants that are guaranteed to generate high-quality harvests, this Autoflower Classics Mixpack is the perfect choice. Enjoy a variety of flavors, aroma’s and high’s with this assortment of three classic Autoflowering strains, combined into one money-saving pack.

Save over $100 compared to buying the seeds individually, more when you purchase the 10-seed packet. Each mixpack contains all three, separately packaged strains, giving you the greatest choice, while keeping your costs to a minimum.

Autoflowering seeds are the perfect choice for both the beginner and outdoor grower. As many people begin by growing Cannabis and Marijuana plants outdoors using simple pot-culture and good quality soil, the Autoflower Classics Mixpack is the perfect choice for producing a fast and high-quality variety of strong, stable, self-flowering Marijuana plants.

Growing your own Marijuana can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it. Professional growers will tell you the best, highest quality weed is produced indoors, under laboratory conditions, controlling the heat, humidity and general environment the plants grow under.

While that’ s true, buds produced by amateur growers can be just as tasty, aromatic and enjoyable, if they follow a few simple rules and growing methods. With a small amount of knowledge, even a complete beginner can produce a seriously potent crop of flavorsome buds.

If you would like to learn more about growing your own Cannabis and Marijuana plants, download the free Marijuana Grow Guide. Written by one-time professional grower and owner, founder of the I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank, it provides all the information you may need to produce your own successful harvest. Learn the tips of the Pro’s with this free, no obligation, instant download today.

Autoflower Classic Mixpack Contents:

AK 47 Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Classic Mix Strain 1

AK-47 – One of the original classic hybrid Marijuana strains, combining 65% Sativa and 35% Indica genetics to form a fast, hard-hitting, potent strain with a euphoric, uplifting high. Combined with a high quality Ruderalis, you can cultivate these easy-to-grow Autoflowering seeds over an average of just eight weeks from sprouting, through to complete maturity and harvest.

Requiring no set hours of darkness, these high-quality Autoflowering Marijuana seeds simultaneously grow and flower regardless of the number of light or darkness hours they receive. Yields are lower than traditional feminized seeds, averaging between 4 – 6 oz per plant when grown outdoors over the Summer months, but with a similar taste and aroma to traditional buds, and THC levels of up to 20%.

Buy Sour Diesel Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Classic Mix Strain 2

Sour Diesel – A well-known and highly popular Marijuana strain, Sour Diesel is a 60% Sativa dominant strain that is now available as an Autoflowering strain. Fast and easy to grow, both indoor and outdoor growers can generate potent, flavorsome buds after just 8 weeks from sprouting. Enjoy that unique diesel-fuel aroma with a lip-smacking lemon flavor.

An uplifting Marijuana strain with THC levels of approximately 20%, the strain is well-known for boosting a persons mood, reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Average flowering times are approximately 8 weeks from sprouting, producing yields of between 4 – 6 oz per plant when grown outdoors, with long hours of strong, direct sunlight.

Super Skunk Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Classic Mix Strain 3

Super Skunk – One of the fastest-maturing and easiest to grow Marijuana strains available, these high-quality 80% Indica dominant Autoflowering seeds will produce pungent, cheese smelling buds with a sweet citrus flavor. Completely feminized and with a combined vegetative and flowering cycle of just 8 weeks from sprouting, producing your own aromatic, delicious Marijuana buds is easier than you may think.

At approximately 14%, THC levels are lower than the other two strains contained within the Autoflower Classics Mixpack, however, the heavy Indica influence produces more of a ‘body-buzz’ effect than cerebral high. Great for evening use it can help to reduce pain, stress and insomnia while improving and increasing the appetite.

Buy Autoflower Classics Mixpack Marijuana Seeds.

You can buy the Autoflower Classics Mixpack online and receive free shipping and guaranteed delivery to all parts of the USA. Choose between packet size, with either 5 or 10 seeds of each of the three strains, giving you a total of 15 or 30 feminized Autoflowering Classic seeds per pack.

All seeds are dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana and fully guaranteed to arrive. Should you have any questions or concerns about your purchase, their first-class customer care department will answer and address them in a polite and professional manner.

With growing articles, reviews, tips and even a free Marijuana Grow Guide, ourselves, together with I Love Growing Marijuana can provide all the help and assistance you may require to cultivate your own successful harvest of good quality buds.

Save yourself money and produce some of the most respected Marijuana strains. Quick and easy to grow, the Autoflower Classics Mix pack is the perfect choice for all levels of experience and growing styles.

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Auto Classic Mix

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Classic Autoflower Seeds Mix

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