Autoflower Sweet Mixpack

Autoflower Sweet Mixpack

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Autoflower Sweet Seed Mix For Sale

Autoflowering Sweet Mixed Marijuana Seeds Review.

Growing your own Marijuana doesn’t get much better or easier than these three feminized Autoflowering strains. Treat yourself to some of the best-flavored buds, easily cultivated over the shortest of growing times. The Autoflower Sweet Mixpack offers variety and savings of over $100 compared to purchasing the three strains individually.

Autoflowering Marijuana seeds are the fastest and easiest way to cultivate your own high-quality buds, requiring very little care, attention or previous experience to generate a fast-maturing crop. Fully feminized and devoid of male chromosomes, each seed is completely guaranteed to germinate, producing a strong, vibrant and self-flowering female Marijuana plant.

As with all our recommended Autoflowering Marijuana strains, each seed uses the same top-quality genetics as their traditional feminized counter-parts. With the addition of the Ruderalis gene, every plant attains the ability to flower, bud and completely mature, regardless of the number of light-hours the plants receive.

By combining both the vegetative and flowering cycles, the overall time the seeds require to grow, develop and be ready for harvesting is reduced to between 8 – 10 weeks from sprouting. The plants tend to grow squat and dense, with average harvests of between 4 – 6 oz per plant when cultivated outdoors in warm, sunny climates.

Grow Autoflowering Sweet Mixed Marijuana Seeds outdoors.

Planted outdoors from the middle of Spring, it’s possible to cultivate several crops in the same space over the course of an entire growing season. Indoor growers should set their lights to an 18/6 on-off light cycle to achieve maximum growth and flowering. With the lights constantly set for these hours, plants of all ages can be cultivated within a single growing area, rather than separate vegetative and flowering rooms.

Whether you’re an experienced grower, or someone new to growing their own Marijuana buds, the Autoflower Sweet Mixpack is the perfect choice for either recreational or medicinal use. Available in 2 pack sizes, choose between 5 or 10-seed packets, providing you with 15 or 30 feminized Autoflowering Marijuana seeds in total.

Autoflower Sweet Mixpack Contents:

Buy Gelato Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Sweet Mix Strain 1

Gelato – Combining the cookie-dough flavor of Girl Scout Cookies with the sweet taste of Sunset Sherbet, Gelato is a smooth, vanilla ‘ice-cream’ flavored marijuana strain that’s now even easier to grow than ever. Enjoy the same popular flavor with this balanced hybrid containing 55% Indica and 45% Sativa genetics, together with a top-quality Ruderalis gene.

Flowering requires approximately 10 weeks for the plants to grow and fully mature, but yields are very good, producing between 16 – 18 oz per square meter given good conditions and plenty of long hours of strong, direct sunlight. THC levels can reach up to 20%, inducing a relaxed, uplifting and euphoric high, helping to reduce stress, mood-swings and pain.

Buy Wedding Cake Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Sweet Mix Strain 2

Wedding Cake – When you combine Cherry Pie with Girl Scout Cookies the results are a marriage made in heaven. Wedding Cake Autoflowering seeds are a 70% Indica dominate strain that induces a relaxing, uplifting, Sativa-like high from its 17% THC content. Both energizing and relaxing, the buds provide the perfect option for both day and night-time enjoyment.

An extremely easy Marijuana strain to grow, highly adaptive to both indoor and outdoor growing techniques, with a total growing and flowering time of between 9 – 10 weeks. A perfect choice for all levels of experience, producing large, dense buds with a sweet ginger and vanilla flavor.

Buy Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds

Autoflower Sweet Mix Strain 3

Zkittlez -Taste the rainbow with these sweet-candy and fruity flavored Marijuana buds, with elevated THC levels and long-lasting effects. A mix of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genes, together with a high-quality Ruderalis, these easy-to-grow and self-flowering seeds can be successfully cultivated either indoors, or outdoors during the Summer months.

These Autoflowering seeds are extremely easy to grow, producing squat, dense plants with a short, combined growing and flowering time of just 8 weeks from sprouting. Yields are average for an Autoflowering strain, producing between 4 – 6 oz per plant of the highest quality buds, with similar per square meter yields for indoor cultivated plants.

Buy Autoflower Sweet Mixpack Marijuana Seeds.

You can receive all three of these fabulous Autoflowering Marijuana seeds when you buy the Autoflower Sweet Mixpack online. Save yourself $$$ compared to individual pack purchases and enjoy the greatest choice and variety of sweet-flavored Marijuana buds, all contained in one easy-to-purchase pack.

All of our recommended feminized and Autoflowering Marijuana are dispatched directly by I Love Growing Marijuana, a leading producer and supplier in fresh, high-quality Marijuana seeds. Enjoy a range of secure payment options, including Bank transfer, Credit card, Cash and Bitcoin using the option that suits you best to buy your Marijuana seeds.

Receive all the help and advice you may require to produce a successful harvest from your chosen seeds, with a first-class customer care service, there to answer any questions or concerns you may have from purchase through to harvest.

Read through a wealth of articles covering all aspects of growing Marijuana, both indoors and outside, or, alternatively, download the free Marijuana Growing Guide. Written by Robert Bergman, owner and founder of I Love Growing Marijuana, it accurately details all aspects of growing your own top-quality Marijuana plants, from germination through to harvesting, drying and curing your weed for maximum flavor and potency.

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